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Chapter 3 : “Third Elder Sister……Spare Me!”

With light movements, she opened her eyes as she rose up from her bed; rising up like the undead.

“Bai……Ruo……Yan……you caused my death……yet still dare to take my possessions……………you have such courage!”

Hearing this, Bai Ruo Yans legs softened, while her focus were on the beads of cold sweat dripping down her forehead. From behind her, a cry of fright could be heard as the servants stuttered: “G……ggg……ghost!!!”

Deathly pale was Bai Ruo Yans face. So full of fright, her butt plonked straight pnto the floor. She was wholly unable to stand and could only furiously nudge her butt towards the door.

Chuckling, the corners of Huang Yue Lis mouth rose up.

This eye technique could not turn her into a ghost. Instead, it brought out Bai Rou Yans deepest and darkest fears.

It was hard to imagine that the seemingly arrogant and despotic Bai Rou Yan held such fears. Fears of the third elder sister, whom she bullied to return and haunt her.

Truly as the saying goes, vile people have no courage!

Just a moment ago she was calling slut this, slut that. Did she think that this stately princess was on the same level as a lowly servant This easily bullied

If she did not properly return this favor, then she would be disrespecting the sincere care and concern this younger cousin has given her, over the past years.

Alighting from the bed, Huang Yue Li leisurely approached Bai Ruo Yan.

Bai Ruo Yan could only cry out in alarm: “You……dont come near me! Leave! Get away from me!”

Voice hushed, Huang Yue Lis mouth curved into an extremely demonic smile: “Bai Ruo Yan, you were the one to murder me. Even if I become a ghost, I will not let you go……”

Forcing Bai Ruo Yan into a corner, her icy cold hand reached out and clasped her thin neck.

Fearful screeches and cries could be as Bai Ruo Yan pleaded for mercy: “Dont……dont kill me! Dont kill me! The murderer was not…me……it…it was Second Sister………it was Second Sister and Second Madam! It has nothing to do with me, yes, I dont know anything!”

The tinkling laughter that Huang Yue Li released sounded both sinister and strange.

“Then why……what is the reason in coming to my room Wanting to steal my property It looks……it seems to me that you are a shameless woman who would murder for riches. ”

“No, no, no……it really wasnt me.”

When she felt the tightening constriction of the ice cold fingers around her neck, Bai Ruo Yan fell into a state of panic. In a great flurry, she had revealed everything.

“It really has nothing to do with me………wu……it was Second Sister who me told to come. It was her who told me to find a key and said that everything else would belong to me. Third Sister………I momentarily possessed a greedy heart, please believe me. All debts would have its debtor. The one who spread those rumors about you committing adultery really had nothing to do with me………”

Huang Yue Li snarled: “Daring to eye my possessions……you equally deserve to die!”

Her fingers tightened.

This caused Bai Rou Yan to start shrieking again: “Please dont! Third Elder Sister……Third Elder Sister, spare me. I will return everything back to you……”

As she said this, she flusteredly flung out all the items she had taken from within her clothes.

“……I have returned everything to you. I beg Third Sister to be generous and spare me!”

Sweeping across the thing scattered across the floor. She didnt loosen her hand and directly questioned: “Anything else”

“Anything else”

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Puzzled, Bai Ruo Yans eyes became blank as she tried to recall. Everything she had previously taken were all returned, so what was left

Since she was unable to remember anything else, she started desperately take out everything within her possession. She took out money, jewellery and even the hairpins on her head.

“Third Sister, I have taken out everything that was on me. Ill give you everything, so please, please spare my life……”


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