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Huang Yueli stood under a huge rock and turned back towards the entrance which she entered from, thinking to use her own position to gauge where she was at now.

However when she turned back, she discovered that the entrance had already been shrouded in mist and couldn\'t be found.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Huang Yueli frowned slightly as her mood became even gloomier.

Looked like the idea of borrowing the array\'s deduction to calculate the operational rhythm was temporarily not possible so she could only take one step at a time.

Huang Yueli raised her hand and a flame shot outwards, burning against a huge rock then subsequently extinguishing slowly.

The area which was burnt left a scorched mark behind.

This mark was instilled with a special mark filled with Profound Energy and concentration, and was different from using an ordinary knife to make a marking.

Even though the array was ever changing in the process of her advancement, it could not be erased.

Huang Yueli chose a route and walked towards the inner part of the array.

She maintained advancing towards the direction of the East and every time she passed by a huge rock, she would use the same method to leave a marking.

Just like that, she walked for around four hours when her feet suddenly halted and her vision turned towards the right side of a huge rock.

On the huge rock, a clear distinct fire pattern was seen – it was the first marking which she left behind.

Huang Yueli wasn\'t surprised at all but went seemingly into deep thought as she stared at the marking for a moment.

This huge stone array wasn\'t very large and the diameter was just around three miles or so.

If she were to talk in a straight line from the outer zone to the bottom of the tower, she only needed a quarter of an hour but it\'s already been four hours and she had yet to find the exit, apparently she had been heading round in circles on the spot.

Huang Yueli\'s brows creased and after thinking deeply, she retrieved an Array Board from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

To an array master, the array board was the most important tool in calculation.

Basically when setting up arrays, it was required.

Previously when Murong Ni was setting up an array, the array board was always in her hands.

But Huang Yueli\'s concentration was extremely strong so she didn\'t need the array board for many low levelled arrays before she could directly proceed with the deduction.

However the situation now was different.

This array was possibly left behind during ancient times and was extremely complicated whereas her cultivation level was obviously not there yet.

Even she herself was not certain that she could break through the array.

Huang Yueli held on to the array board and her lips pursed slightly as her eyes narrowed slightly, her long lashes hanging downwards as her fingers slid around on the array board, silently calculating.

After some time, she kept the array board, turned around and headed towards another route.

However, after another three hour plus, she had returned to the same spot once again.

Huang Yueli wasn\'t discouraged and continued to calculate using the array board, finding the third route.

Another three hour plus later...

Looking at the familiar flame marking on the huge rock, Huang Yueli was no longer indifferent.

What\'s going on Why is it that my calculation is still wrong There must be a certain element that I\'ve forgotten to consider….

The mist here is too big and I can\'t see the entire topography clearly, so I can\'t tell where the problem lies at…..

Suddenly, her tummy started rumbling.

Huang Yueli then realised that a long time had already passed.

Because the huge stone array was encapsulated in the thick Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, the inside was doleful and there was no way to differentiate clearly what time was on the outside.


the outside has already turned dark...

Huang Yueli mumbled as she took some food out from Sky Phoenix Ring and retrieved a rug as she laid it on the ground.

As Little Phoenix was crying that it was bored in the Sky Phoenix Ring non stop, Huang Yueli allowed it to come out as well.-

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