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After it finished, it didn\'t forget to raised its request.

Since I\'ve contributed such a huge merit, then for all future chicken drumsticks… can I have a double portion

Huang Yueli\'s brows twitched, You\'re already so fat and still want to eat a double portion Your double chin already has three layers of fats, do you know that!

What Fat Where am I fat Little Phoenix retorted angrily as it pounced in front of Huang Yueli, wanting her to clarify clearly.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli\'s body suddenly leaned closely onto the wall as she gradually slid downwards and subsequently, she fell sideways as though she had fainted.

When Little Phoenix saw this, it was so shocked that it started screeching, Hey, I say….

Female devil, female devil! What\'s the matter with you Quickly wake up! Why did you suddenly faint Where do you feel uncomfortable Have you suffered a serious injury Finished, finished, female devil is going to die, I\'m going to be shut into the Sky Phoenix Ring once again! Ah ah ah ah, what can I do What should I do

Little Phoenix was so anxious that it kept turning round in circles and it started flying here and there in the inner portion of the high tower, making a big fuss at the same time.

Huang Yueli leaned against the side of the wall and her consciously was a little blurry but Little Phoenix\'s sharp screeching calls seemed to be like a demonic sound as it dove straight into the brain, causing her to have a bout of headaches

Actually, it was normal for her to faint.

Earlier when she was outside the bronze door, she was coerced by Ling Wenbin to use her blood to open the door, and she had released quite an amount of blood.

In actual fact, she didn\'t need to come out with so much blood but in order to drag some time, to coax Ling Wenbin into bringing out the treasure map, she intentionally blocked a chink, stopping the blood from flowing into it.

In this way, the door remained closed and her blood kept flowing.

It was much later when she really felt her entire body turn cold from too much blood loss and her head became groggy, so she wasn\'t cheating Ling Wenbin at all.

Under that kind of circumstances, she still depleted all her Profound Energy to stop Ling Wenbin from entering the high tower.

Especially at the last part where she used the Icy Jade Zither, displaying her killer move, a Profound Skill which she grasped in her past life when she was in ninth stage realm, the consumption on mental power was extremely huge and to a third stage realm peak cultivator like her now, was a huge expense which she could not bear.

It was the combination of several elements that she could last till now before fainting and this was already a miracle.

For her now, in order to rest properly, borrowing the high tower\'s inner portion\'s high intensity Heaven and Earth Profound Qi to restore her body\'s injuries which was the best option.

Silence, was extremely important.

But unfortunately, the Little Phoenix which she reared always acted out of the book and it actually flew everywhere, crying to an earth-shaking point, making so much noise that she couldn\'t rest at all…..

For that one instance, Huang Yueli really wanted to stuff that little thing back into the Sky Phoenix Ring but she didn\'t have that much mental power to control Little Phoenix…..

She tolerated and bore with it, and after a long time later, Little Phoenix probably got tired from crying out and started to become silent.

Huang Yueli finally drifted off into a deep sleep.


Unknowingly, three days went by.

Celestial Light Sect was filled with jubilation.

Ever since Murong Fei returned to the Sect and indicated that she had spent an amount of time together with Li Moying, many people felt that she was going to get married to Li Moying.

Even Murong De believed that deeply and kept encouraging her to take good care of Li Moying, grabbing this peerless expert\'s heart tightly, to make him stay in Celestial Light Sect.

Murong Fei felt guilty but at the same time she set her determination to double her efforts to display her virtuous and elegant look in front of Li Moying.-

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