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Furthermore, by that time, he won\'t recognise anyone and would kill anyone he met!

She, Murong Fei was still young, so why would she not care about her own life

The Senior Eldest Brother at this timing, it was best to avoid him far, far away!

Anyway, they have a long way ahead of them, so when he had returned back to normal, she would then continue to seduce him!

Looking at Murong Fei\'s back as she left in a hurry, Mo Er gave a cold harrumph of disdain, Only know how to run away at this juncture, no wonder Master only likes Third Miss, and not like you!

Although they were only Shadow Guards, but Li Moying was surrounded by intelligent people, so it wasn\'t any wonder that they could differentiate the person\'s character rather well

Li Moying was usually extraordinary handsome, overbearing and strong, so naturally he was every female\'s favoured match, but whenever his Soul Detachment Illness acted up, at his deepest pained situation, when he turned into a devil from hell, no one was able to get close to him, so how many could treat him in the same way as before

Probably, there was only Third Miss who could do that!

On full moon\'s night, Li Moying could not do without anyone taking care of him.

Mo Er just raised his foot as he was preparing to step in when he saw Mo Qi panting heavily right behind him.

Wait, wait! Second Brother, don\'t go in!

Mo Er was stunned, What happened

Mo Qi hooked his arm around his neck as he couldn\'t help but laugh out, Tell you a piece of good news, Third Miss is back and she\'s alright! Moreover, she\'s in Master\'s room right now…..

What How is that possible Mo Er was extremely shocked.

It\'s real, even more real than a real pearl! So, let\'s stay away further tonight! Anyway, even if Master\'s Soul Detachment Illness really acted up, Third Miss will be able to settle it, so let\'s not go disturb them exchanging their lovey dovey words...

Mo Er finally got out of his shock as he slowly revealed a smile, You\'re absolutely right! He doesn\'t need us here now, come, let\'s go grab a drink!

As long as Third Miss was back, to everyone, life had instantly been lit up in colours once again.


At this moment, Huang Yueli was just walking to the last storage room at the very end of the corridor, as she admired Li Moying\'s collections.

The room which she was in right now, was the secret room which Administrator Chen was talking about, but she herself didn\'t knew that this room was out of bounds, furthermore she didn\'t feel that there was any problem at all.

Because, this place had stored….

All the things which were related to her!

Including the various Profound Armaments which she had gifted Li Moying during their outdoor training, and various medicinal pills…..

Even the cloth which she used to help bandage his wound when they fell off the cliff, and the wooden tub which she gave to him with the Spirit Saint Spring water, were all kept here, and arranged neatly in the room.

An anti-dust array was even set up, storing it carefully as though it were some precious gems.

The only thing which was missing, was the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror which she had refined personally, but Huang Yueli didn\'t need to think before she knew that this item, must had been kept by his side.

Seeing Li Moying valued the things which she had gave him, Huang Yueli\'s heart was touched, as her eyes started to sting slightly.

What is this, this stinky man is really a scrooge, a cheapskate! I took so much time to refine the Profound Armaments for him, and he actually can\'t bear to use it! I gave it to him for defense, and isn\'t it a complete waste to not use it Really…..

Huang Yueli quietly mumbled to herself and although her mouth was filled with complaints, but she was feeling incredibly sweet on the inside.

Just at this moment, she suddenly felt an immense danger approaching!-

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