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Murong Fei spoke in a matter of course manner, “Thats of course, other than Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother, Im the strongest among the younger generation of disciples! If he didnt think highly of me, dont tell me he thinks highly of you”

Huang Yueli looked at her delighted expression as she suddenly couldnt help but started laughing.

But she merely shrugged her shoulders, “Alright, then allow me to remind this most powerful Senior Sister Murong a gentle reminder.

Since Green Cloud Sect dares to state such a condition, then they must have come well prepared.

Although we still cant tell what trump card Sect Master Cui has now, then you must prepare yourself properly, in case your boat overturns in a narrow lane!”

Murong Fei was most unwilling to listen to Huang Yuelis advice.

She immediately gave a cold humpf, “Do I need to listen to your advice I know this much clearer than you! Thats the reason why I came to look for Eldest Senior Brother, so that we can discuss this properly…..”

She looked towards Li Moying in a pleading gaze, blinking her delicate and attractive eyes which was sparkling with a bewitching glare.

One got to admit that Murong Fei was indeed a beauty who was rarely seen and she knew how to display herself to her own advantage so when she acted pitiful, she indeed had the capability to bewitch a man which was why so many men had fallen down under her feet.

Only thing was this act of hers was totally ineffective towards a man like Li Moying.

Li Moying remained expressionless as he coldly spat out the two words, “Not free!”



Murong Fei was instantly stunned.

She had searched for such a good excuse to get close to Li Moying, thinking that he would at least pay some attention to her for the sake of the Sects benefits! However, reality was out of her expectations…..

Just as Murong Fei was in a daze, Li Moying had already hooked Huang Yuelis waist and leading her to leave this place in quick steps.

“Eldest Senior Brother, wait…..”

Murong Fei started moving her legs to chase up to him but she didnt manage to do so.

She was so upset that she stomped her feet.

“Damn it! Its all Bai Ruoli that little vixens fault! Things will not end so simply today! Just you wait, after I cut a shine at the arena tournament, Ill take care of you then!”

Huang Yueli faintly heard Murong Feis cursing.

Li Moying frowned as he grew unhappy and wanted to turn back to give Murong Fei a beating.

But he had just moved when Huang Yueli guessed what he was thinking about, as she stretched out her hand to grab hold of him.

“Wait a minute, what are you trying to do Dont tell me youre intending to deal with Murong Fei”

Li Moying replied coldly, “This woman is just too irritating.

Today she had insulted you several times so how would it do if I dont teach her a lesson”

Huang Yueli immediately replied, “Dont be like this.

If you want to teach her a lesson, there are plenty of chances to do so.

Now Celestial Light Sect still requires her Eldest Young Miss Murong to win the quota for entering the mystic region! If you were to injure her, then Celestia Light Sects benefits would be a huge loss!”

Li Moying turned his head around as his perfectly shaped peach blossom eyes sparkled with a cold glint, looking at her as he helplessly shook his head.

“You ah….

Speaking sarcastically again.

Youre really a pampered arrogant and black-bellied little fox! You obviously know that I had agreed to hold the arena tournament because you told me that you are certain you can defeat Green Cloud Sects disciples and obtain victory in the tournament! Otherwise I cant be bothered with these matters.

Since this is the case, whats the difference if Murong Fei was around or not”

Huang Yueli shook her head as she smiled mysteriously, “What do you mean by theres no difference, the difference is extremely huge! Im not the past lifes you, how can I defeat every single opponent I can only manage those extremely powerful ones only! So before I go up on stage, there definitely must be a cannon fodder to help me block out the rest.”

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