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Huang Yueli saw that he kept silent as she stretched out her arm to embrace his neck, rubbing her soft face against his.

“Alright, rest assured! I will definitely let Celestial Light Sect obtain the seventy percent quota into the mystic region, and….

I will also improve my ability!”

Part of the reason why she wanted to take part in the arena tournament was to help Li Moying, but the more important reason was because she wanted to use the battle to temper herself!

Her cultivation had advanced very quickly in the past year but her experience training just wasnt enough.

Other than the few times which she had been pursued entering a life and death situation, there were very few battle experiences.

A practitioners potential could only be spiked in the middle of a battle.

So taking part in this kind of arena tournament to her, was a huge aid.

Li Moying naturally understood this very well so he coordinated with her actions.

Thinking of this, Li Moying stretched out his arm placing it on her slender waist as he drew her closer slowly, bringing her entirely into his embrace.

“Lier, Im only….

Only worried about you…”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “Relax, Ive already got plans! Theres still seven days before the arena tournament so I will grasp my time tightly to continue cultivating.

After that, Ill attempt to breakthrough to the fifth stage realm!”

Attempt to breakthrough to fifth stage realm!

These kinds of words, even to Li Moyings ears, also made him silently shocked!

A fourteen year old young lady….

No, fifteen year old.

Huang Yueli had actually passed her fifteen year old birthday in the inheritance tower so now she was officially of marriageable age.

But even though she was older by one year, to be able to breakthrough to fifth stage realm at fifteen years old was still a shocking and terrifying record!

Could it be that….

she really was able to do this This was simply too abnormal!

Li Moying looked at the young lady in his arm passionately.

Even though she was already by his side daily, and even sleeping next to him but sometimes she was still able to surprise and shock him.

Every day, he would admire and love her a little more than the day before.

“You have just advanced to fourth stage realm peak not too long ago so if youre going to upgrade your cultivation again, would it be too quick Has your cultivation already stabilised The dangers of advancing too quickly, you know it all too well yourself, surely you dont need me to say anything more right” Li Moying spoke out about his worries.

Because he knew Huang Yueli had once reached the ninth stage realm and had her own set of cultivation method, so towards her cultivation methods, he never dabbled in it.

But this time round, she was going to advance to a new huge realm again so this made Li Moying slightly worried.

Huang Yueli said, “Indeed slightly too fast so if its not absolutely necessary, I do not intend to advance within this period of time.

I just dont know what Cui Yuan Shan is plotting so under circumstances where I have no choice, its better for me to make preparations for advancement first.”

Li Moying held her little hand, “Alright, as long as you know whats your bottom line.”

Huang Yueli spoke out again, “During my advancement, I may need some ingredients so I need your help to prepare it.”

“Relax, these small things, just let your fiancé handle it.” Li Moying smiled as he kissed her.

This day, they were all tired out.

So after discussing the official matters, they quickly settled down to rest.


The next day, Li Moying was called by Murong De once again.

Huang Yueli was in the residence when she heard a loud knocking on the door.

Before Li Moying left, he told her that the chef who made the boiled fish slices was going to come over today.

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