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In her past live where the strong were gathered in Sky Emperor City, they had seen quite a number of practitioners who were able to suddenly went into maniacization to raised their abilities in the middle of a battle

But Fang Shaoning as West Sky Regions Sect disciple, to have such great innate talent to master this cultivation method was indeed hard to come by.

That went to show just how much resources had Green Cloud Sect invested on him.

Looks like they placed high hopes on him.

Huang Yuelis brow slightly wrinkled, “This Fang Shaoning, after maniacization, he had raised at least five small realms of cultivation and his ability had already reached sixth stage realm seventh level….”

Eighteen year old reaching sixth stage realm fifth level; generally only peerless geniuses with ninth grade innate talents were able to reach that.

Fang Shaoning had the aid of maniacization cultivation method to reach such a high stage realm.

In this way, the disparity between him and Murong Fei was simply too large!

Although Murong Feis power of comprehension and Profound Skills utilisation was much stronger than his by a huge notch, but under the circumstances where there was such a large disparity in abilities, not one Profound Skill was of use.

Murong Fei apparently also realised this as she felt the powerful aura unleashed from Fang Shaonings body, so she instantly felt her legs going soft.

She couldnt understand why Fang Shaoning suddenly became so powerful but she could sense the powerfulness in the other party.

Fang Shaoning looked at her miserably pale face as he sneered, “Miss Murong, I havent officially admitted my defeat earlier and the battle is still on-going so lets cross some moves!”


dont come over!”

Watching Fang Shaonings footsteps nearing her, Myrong Fei couldnt help but shuffled back.

Fang Shaoning could tell that she was extremely terrified and became even more complacent, “Miss Murong, youre the Sect Masters daughter.

If it wasnt for the fact that I had no choice, I didnt want to let you lose too terribly! Why not like this, if you automatically admit your defeat then we can let things go.

Otherwise with my current strength, even I myself is not able to control it properly.

If I hurt you, then Sect Master Murongs reputation would be really bad!”

His tone was half threatening as he spoke out slowly.

Fang Shaoning naturally thought of hurting Murong Fei badly, so show himself off.

But Cui Yuan Shan had been reminding him not to beat up Murong Fei too badly.

It would be better if she could automatically admit defeat.

After all, Murong Feis mother was someone whom Cui Yuan Shan wooed after when he was young, so there was a more or lesslove me, love my dog meaning in it.

Murong Fei originally was worried that she would be injured.

She was waiting for the mystic region to open up so that she could enter the ancient mystic region for experience training!

If she sustained heavy injury at the arena tournament because of the Sect causing her to be unable to enter the mystic region, then the quota she obtained would go to someone else, then wouldnt she had suffered a huge loss

Although being Celestial Light Sects heroine gained face for her, but that was established on the basis that she had the chance to win the quota first.

Since she knew that she wasnt able to win, then she wouldnt go face the trouble head-on.

Murong Fei was thinking in this way when she suddenly had the intention to retreat.

“Since thats the case… then I…”

Before Murong Fei could finish her sentence, Celestial Light Sects disciples below the stage all started to discuss loudly in terror.

“Whats the situation Why did that Fang Shaoning suddenly become so powerful”

“Yes ah What on earth is going on Had he taken some miracle pill or cultivated some abnormal cultivation method”

“Heaven knows.

From this look, the disparity between Senior Sister Murong and his ability is too great!”

“Then what should we do”

“I think things are going to be bad.

Senior Sister Murong took a step back earlier.

Is she not going to stand up to him and prepare to admit defeat”

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