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Chapter 1375: Unable to back down (5)

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When Murong De saw Murong Fei sustaining a heavy injury, he was so anxious that he immediately got up from his seat and ran down the stage, personally bringing the Sects doctors to check on her.

When he witnessed Murong Feis terrible state, Murong De felt extremely infuriated.

He had not expected that Green Cloud Sects people could be so vicious!

Murong De shouted angrily in an accusation tone, “Cui Yuan Shan, whats the meaning of this Its just an arena tournament and you actually allow your Sects disciples to deal her with such a vicious move!”

Cui Yuan Shan was originally rather upset but on hearing Murong Des chiding, he immediately rebutted, “Brother Murong, these words are simply too much! Although it is an arena tournament but during a battle, swords have no eyes so who can guarantee that they wont hurt the other party Moreover, my disciple had given your daughter a chance to admit defeat but she refused so how could you blame Shaoning for this”

Murong De retorted angrily, “This is pure denial! Earlier she was already forced to the side of the arena so why didnt he give her a chance to admit defeat”

Saying that, he didnt wait for Cui Yuan Shan to reply as he shot his gaze towards Fang Shaoning.

“Fang Shaoning, what great guts you have! You dare to hurt Celestial Light Sects disciples intentionally in Celestial Light Sect itself! Did you really think I wont punish you”

He walked towards Fang Shaoning as his expression sunk to the lowest point and a ninth stage realm top experts imposing might started to leak out from his body!

A moment later, the entire public square was affected as everyone found breathing difficult.

For those disciples whose cultivation was slightly lower, their faces started to turn pale!

Fang Shaoning bore the brunt as he gave a moan and a streak of blood started flowing from the corner of his lips!

Murong De was so angry now that he was going mad, even having the thoughts of killing someone!

Murong Fei was his beloved daughter and he placed huge emphasis on this eldest daughter.

If she was injured because of this incident, hence delaying her chance to enter the ancient mystic region for experience training, then her loss would be extremely huge!

Furthermore, because of Murong Feis loss, Celestial Light Sects quota would become a mere thirty percent!

With the two elements mixed together, it made Murong De so angry that he felt faint.

The moment he unleashed his Profound Energy, it totally had no limits and he almost made a move right on the spot!

Just as this moment, a burst of even more overbearing Profound Energy flooded the stage.

This burst of Profound Energy coincidentally negated Murong Des Profound Energy which instantly reduced the impact of the pressure on those practitioners there.

Murong De raised his head and saw Cui Yuan Shans figure appearing on the stage, blocking himself in front of Fang Shaoning.

Cui Yuan Shan gave a cold harrumph, “Brother Murong, youre too much! The competition rules had been set way before the competition and now that you lost, you turn into a sore loser and think of going back on your words Furthermore, youre acting like a bully threatening the weak, actually striking out on the younger generation! You really gave Celestial Light Sect some face!”

Murong Des ability totally wasnt comparable to Cui Yuan Shan as he was instantly suppressed.

Hearing Cui Yuan Shans speech, he then abruptly realised this.

If Celestial Light Sect lost the arena tournament and he personally killed the arena champion.

If this matter leaked out, that was a worldwide gossip! There were so many other powerhouses practitioners here watching so if he really did that, Celestial Light Sects reputation would be finished!

Murong De forcefully suppressed his rage as he said, “Im not intending to go back on my words, just too infuriated! Just an arena tournament and hed laid such a heavy hand on my disciple, isnt that too much!”

“Brother Murong, injuring your beloved daughter is indeed Fang Shaonings fault.

Ill get him to apologize to you right now!”

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