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Chapter 1376: Unable to back down (6)

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Cui Yuan Shans heart had already ascertained that the seventy percent quota to the mystic region was a sure thing in Green Cloud Sects pocket.

Having gained such a huge advantage, surely apologizing to Murong De and giving him some face didnt mean anything

He turned around and signaled to Fang Shaoning with his eyes.

Fang Shaoning immediately reciprocated, “Sect Master Murong, Im really sorry about it! But this cultivation method of mine raised my ability instantly so I myself is not able to control this sudden increase of Profound Energy so I might not have grasped the control well.

I hope you can understand!”

This reply was just too superficial.

Fang Shaonings type of cultivation method definitely required him to cultivate daily and this absolutely wasnt the first time he was using it, but he said he couldnt control it well No one would believe that!

Murong Des expression was extremely ugly, “Couldnt control it Do you think this Sect Master is silly or what This Sect Master thinks that you had done that intentionally, having ulterior motives!”

As he was saying that, he started to become agitated.

Cui Yuan Shan was speaking coldly on the side, “Enough, Brother Murong, my disciple had already apologized so what else do you want Accidentally injuring the opponent in a battle originally was a common thing.

Its not as if you havent entered into a tournament with others before!”

Murong Des face was gloomy, “Sect Master Cui really knows how to be sarcastic.

The person who is injured now is not your disciple so of course you would say that!”

Cui Yuan Shan replied, “If it was my disciple who was beaten up, I would absolutely not be so unwilling to forgive! Now the arena tournament hasnt ended, you can find a disciple with greater ability to go up the stage and challenge him.

If Fang Shaoning himself doesnt have the ability and gets injured, I will not blame Celestial Light Sect!”

His words were beautifully said but it was meaning to say such things if one went into details.

Because all the practitioners present knew that Murong Fei was the one with the strongest ability among Celestial Light Sects under eighteen practitioners.

Otherwise they wouldnt have let her come out as a finale!

Anyway since there was no one who could injure Fang Shaoning so he simply beautified his words, making him appear as magnanimous and without any worries.

As expected, hearing Cui Yuan Shans declaration, other than Celestial Light Sects practitioners, the other practitioners in the other powerhouses all started to sigh.

“Green Cloud Sect really is the number one Sect in West Sky Region and Sect Master Cui is indeed impressive!”

“Isnt that so A battle originally results in accidents, didnt that Celestial Light Sects disciple also injure someone else earlier Why is it that Miss Murong cannot get beaten up”

“Thats right, if Sect Master Murong isnt content, then he can also find a stronger disciple to go up the stage to teach Fang Shaoning a lesson! This kind of thing all depends on ability to talk.

If youre on the competition ground and still require others to show mercy, then might as well kneel down and admit defeat!”

“Celestial Light Sect is also a large Sect in South Sky Region so why didnt that get this logic right”

Murong De was so angry that his face turned steely green.

These words were like a slap, fiercely hitting on his face!

He himself knew that this was the best timing for revenge, to let his disciples beat him back viciously! In Soaring Heavens Continue, using ability to talk was the most straightforward method!

However, he couldnt find any other candidate already!

Murong De had placed all his hopes on Murong Fei and even though she had lost so terribly, what more about anyone else

Cui Yuan Shan looked at Murong Des expression and knew that he had no other way out as he purposely urged him.

“Sect Master Murong, since everyone says the same thing then please hurry to send another disciple up the stage! Dont blame me for not reminding you, Fang Shaoning had already accepted two challenges and if he wins one more round, he would be the real arena champion!”

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