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Chapter 1384: Unexpected ability (3)

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Saying that, Fang Shaoning took a huge stride forward as he trudged towards Huang Yuelis direction.

He totally had not considered the fact that Huang Yueli still had any tinge of resistance left so he totally didnt do anything to defend himself as he walked over directly.

From what he saw, Huang Yueli had long extinguished her energy, suffering from serious internal injury.

Dont mention resistance, he gauged that he just needed one little finger and he would be able to poke her down.

But just as he was slowly walking forward, Fang Shaoning suddenly felt a blur in front of his eyes!

The next moment, he suddenly discovered that Huang Yueli, who was still not too far away from him earlier, had actually gone missing!

Not waiting for Fang Shaoning to make any response, a burst of air cracking sound was heard from his back!

Fang Shaoning hurriedly turned back but was barely able to see a glint of silver light flashing past as it charged towards the position of his heart!

He hurriedly worked up his footwork as he speedily retreated backwards!

A soft “chi la” was heard and blood immediately spilled!

Even though Fang Shaonings speed was very fast, by the time he started to evade, it was already too late.

His chest area was slashed by a deep gash by Huang Yueli!

This gash started from his shoulder all the way to his chest and was longer than three inches.

The depth of the gash was rather deep as blood continued to spill outwards.

Earlier Huang Yuelis movements, from the time she started to evade till her attack, was simply too fast and her actions were just too sudden.

Many practitioners below the stage had not yet reacted to what was happening, or they hadnt even had time to see her movements clearly.

It was until she managed to strike him when many of them realised what exactly happened earlier!

“Heavens, am I seeing things Bai Ruoli she….

she actually hurt Fang Shaoning”

“You didnt see things wrongly, but how was this possible Earlier Fang Shaoning unleashed such powerful pressure that even we, who are below the stage, had difficulty in breathing but Bai Ruoli is actually alright”

“Right, its too strange!”

“Furthermore, even if she wasnt oppressed by Fang Shaonings Profound Energy, she shouldnt be able to move so swiftly! Earlier, that lightning fast movement, I cant even see the route of her attack.

Shes just in the fourth stage realm, how could she…..

be so fast”

The audience looked at each other in dismay as their tongues were tied with their mouths agape, not daring to believe in their eyes!

From what everyone saw, this was absolutely a one sided competition or one could even say that it was a bully match for Fang Shaoning towards Huang Yueli.

As long as Fang Shaoning didnt beat Huang Yueli until her meridians shattered or half crippled then it meant that he was showing mercy.

That was why no one in their wildest dream had thought that the first to get injured was not Huang Yueli, but Fang Shaoning!

Furthermore, Fang Shaonings injury was rather serious.

Although it was only just skin and flesh injury, but such a long and deep gash was actually very painful.

Furthermore he could not tend to his wound allowing the blood to flow, under such circumstances where a large amount of blood kept flowing leading to haemorrhage, it was a huge influence towards the practitioners ability!

Murong De who was seated up high was staring with his eyes popping out.

He was not able to regain his senses for quite some time.

After a while, he finally couldnt help but started laughing out loudly as he talked to Cui Yuan Shan next to him, “Sect Master Cui, this is really….

out of this Sect Masters expectations! Youre all too modest, seeing that we Celestial Light Sect have sent out such a young practitioner, so he intentionally gave in a little.

This kind of gentleman demeanour is rarely seen nowadays, no wonder your Sect is the number one Sect in the West Sky Region!”

Cui Yuan Shans complexion turned green, “Hmph, dont know what youre so complacent about! That young lass…..

merely took advantage of Shaonings unpreparedness which was why her sneak attack worked!”



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