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Chapter 1452: Ample rapport (1)

They intentionally said it loudly for Celestial Light Sects people to hear.

As expected, some disciples started to waver as they stopped in their tracks, not daring to move forward.

Fang Shaoning saw this and suddenly a scheme came to his mind as he leaned in close to Leng Yi Feng, speaking softly, “Eldest Senior Brother, lets be patient and wait a while.

After those from Celestial Light Sect have all entered, they would not leave anyone to guard the entrance.

Even if there was someone, as long as it wasnt Li Moying himself, they wont be able to stop you.

By then we can sneak in behind them.

Although were not able to split most of the loot, but at least its much better than getting nothing at all.”

Leng Yi Feng hesitated, “This… isnt this too contemptible”

As a direct descendant of the Leng family, he bore the pride of a large familys and this was

equivalent to being a thief so he really couldnt lower himself to do it.

Fang Shaoning replied, “At this kind of timing, whats there to talk about being contemptible or not Entering the mystic regions priority is to gain benefits! Moreover speaking, most of the top experts from our Sect are heavily injured and if we dont take the opportunity to gain some advantages, what shall we do later on”

Leng Yi Feng slowly nodded his head.

Although both of them were whispering, but as Huang Yueli and Li Moyings soul trace was exceptionally strong, they still heard what they said.

Li Moying couldnt help but sneered coldly, totally ignoring them as he walked into the cave dwelling directly.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she saw that most of Celestial Light Sects people had already entered and she stood by the entrance of the cave dwelling and drew out an array pattern in mid-air with her right hand!

Following her actions, the cave dwellings entrance started to close up slowly.

Fang Shaoning and Leng Yi Feng were originally planning happily, waiting to sneak into the cave dwelling to pick on the left-overs.

Whoever knew that before they had the time to be delighted, the cave dwellings door started to close up!

“Oh no! How did this happen Bai Ruoli is going to close up the entrance!”

“Heavens, how is this possible Wasnt it said that she had not decoded the array successfully Why is it that she can open or close this array to her liking, this… what kind of level of mastery in array skills does she have Its too scary!”

“Were finished, the door is about to close so that means we totally cannot enter!”

Leng Yi Feng and Fang Shaoning exchanged glances as he howled, “Everyone quickly squeeze in right now, were not going to make it if its too late!”

Saying that, the both of them rushed over!

Leng Yi Feng was indeed the number one man among the younger generation of Green Cloud Sect.

His speed was extremely swift like a bolt of lightning as he rushed into the cave dwelling in an instance.

Although Huang Yueli had displayed her array skills, but the opening and closing process of the array was rather slow and this door had not completely closed up when Leng Yi Feng directly charged in!

Fang Shaonings speed wasnt any slower as well as he followed closely behind, also charging in.

After they entered the cave dwelling successfully, the first thing they did was not to race against time to search for treasures but they both struck out a move towards Huang Yueli at the same time!

They were very clear minded that as long as they were able to control Huang Yueli, this array would not be able to shut fully so now that the entrance was half closed and the entrance was rather narrow but they were still able to squeeze in.

Huang Yueli was fully concentrated on the array!

Controlling a complicated eighth tier array to the current fifth stage realm first level, was absolutely not an easy thing so she required an extreme amount of concentration, so that she did not make any mistake!


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