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Chapter 1453: Ample rapport (2)

Because of that, Leng Yi Feng and Fang Shaonings attacks were something that she couldnt go up against.

Or even, she totally could not respond to it.

In a split second, surging Profound Energy had reached her chest and was about to deal her with a heavy strike!

However Leng Yi Feng still bore tender and protective feelings for her hence he wasnt too vicious in his attack but Huang Yueli was in the middle of performing and if she was interrupted, it would definitely result in an extremely serious backlash, and her meridians would definitely be damaged.

On seeing that she was about to be hit, Huang Yuelis face did not show any signs of shock.

Instead, she totally didnt attempt to evade it as she stood calmly at her spot, drawing out lines and lines of array patterns without any mistakes, her hands not even shaking at all!

“Bai Ruolis reaction is really slow.

Still controlling the array at this point of time, shes really looking for her own death!” Fang Shaoning laughed coldly to himself.

But before he could finish laughing, a stroke of purple lightning flashed past the air.

This bolt of lightning descended from the sky and was rough and bright as though it was going to split the entire cave dwelling into two!

Following the lighting was a thunderous sound, as the ground started to shake.

The two of them had an abrupt change of expression as they anxiously retreated to evade but the speed of the lightning was simply too fast and before they had time to react, it was already too late.


Fang Shaoning gave a blood curdling shriek and was struck directly by the lightning on his chest.

He turned into a charred black colour as his body was still smoking and he was expelled out of the cave dwelling.

Leng Yi Fengs reaction was much faster but he was still struck by the lighting on his shoulder.

His arm immediately lost all senses as he was sent flying out as well while spitting out blood in mid-air, as he fell onto the ground.

Only thing was he had not fainted so he could still see who was the person who had attacked him!

Leng Yi Fengs eyes peeled wide to stare at the man who appeared suddenly beside Huang Yueli—

“Li Moying!”

Hadnt he already entered the cave dwelling Why did he return to protect Huang Yueli Moreover his attack speed was so fast and sudden but Li Moying could still react in such a short amount of time, with tremendous force to cause such serious injury to the both of them with just one move!

What kind of ability was that

Under Leng Feng Yis terrified gaze, Li Moying stood on the right side behind Huang Yueli, displaying a guards posture, protecting her.

Li Moying shot a glance towards Leng Feng Yi as he gave a chilly laugh, “Dare to make a move to attack my woman, did you really think I was dead Trying to make use of the confusion to enter the cave dwelling to split a cup of soup Youre daydreaming!”

Saying that his sleeve flicked and a burst of severe Profound Energy was unleashed!

Leng Yi Feng lost the chance to react as he was swept away just like leaves being blown away by the autumn wind, flying out of the boundary of the cave dwelling.

At the same time, Huang Yueli had finally completed all the array patterns as the cave dwellings entrance started to shut steadily under her control.

From the start to the end, the movements on her hands had not stopped and there hadnt been a moment of slowing down as she was neither fast nor slow in her steady and accurate actions.

As though the two people who popped out and dealt her with a murderous hand had totally not appeared!

She was absolutely certain that her fiancé was right by her side and would be able to ensure her safety at any one time so she was totally unguarded all because….

there was totally no need for that!





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