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Chapter 1620: Ninth stage realms might (1)

The minute Leng familys top exponents used the soul searching skill on him, the lightest injury would be damage to his primordial spirit causing his cultivation to take drastic drop or the worse was that he could completely lose his senses, turning into a living dead! There was also the possibility of losing his life on the spot!

No matter which outcome it was, it wasnt something which he could handle!

Moreover the minute his soul was searched, the matter where he had murdered Leng Yi Feng would be exposed and what awaited him was absolutely all kinds of cruel tortures which was worse than dying!

Li Lingchuans soul almost flew out as he tried his best to explain, “Sect Master Cui, I really didnt… please let me off!”

Cui Yuan Shans face was icy cold as he remained unmoved.

As Leng Yi Feng had died in Green Cloud Sects organized experience learning, he had been under tremendous pressure from the Leng family for this period of time and the entire Sect was affected by this!

Now he had finally found the main culprit to answer to Leng family so no matter what, he would never give up on this chance!

Li Lingchuan looked at him with a staunch look so he could only turn towards Murong De and plead for mercy.

He kept on kowtowing on the ground as he pleaded pitifully.

“Master, please save me! I cannot go to the Leng family, I cannot let them search my soul! The Sect had used so much effort to nurture me so surely you wont want to see me lose my cultivation like that, right Master, on account that we are Master-disciple, I beg you to please save me!”

Murong De lowered his head and looked at his second disciple who knelt on the ground.

Towards this disciple, he had some feelings since he had also been under him since young and he watched him growing up little by little.

However, the matter which was caused by Li Lingchuan had largely surpassed his bottom line!

He had first been exposed that because of Celestial Light Sects Young Sect Masters position, he disregarded everything and caused harm to his own Senior Brother.

Immediately following that, he turned tables against Murong Des biological daughter turning into foes to mutually frame and entrap the other.

Lastly he was exposed of his greed turning into murder, killing Leng familys descendant!

Any of these three items were enough to make any practitioner being disdained by everyone, consigned to eternal damnation!

Li Lingchuan…..

today he had completely reduced Celestial Light Sect into the entire pugilist worlds laughing stock!

Celestial Light Sect had been passed on from generation to generation and had finally managed to establish some prestige, had totally been ruined today!

No matter if it was in terms of public or private, Murong De was totally unable to accept this matter.

Whats more, if he defended Li Lingchuan today, Leng family might just come over to seek revenge another day.

This kind of strong powerhouse in Soaring Heavens Continents was not something that a small little Sect like them could afford to offend.

Murong De looked deeply at Li Lingchuan and he already came to an understanding in his heart.

He gave a deep sigh, “Lingchuan ah, This Master had been guiding you for so many years, that ones character is more important than cultivation! If you cant even become a righteous person, then whats the point of it all no matter how high your cultivation gets Youve really made this Master too disappointed!”

Li Lingchuans heart thumped wildly, “Mas… Master… you… you cant do this to me…..”

Murong De frowned, “Youve created this sin yourself so you naturally need to bear the consequences.

No matter what happens, you deserve it! Committing such a huge offence, This Master could only choose to place righteousness before family!”

His devotion to righteousness which inspired reverence made Li Lingchuans heart turn ashen.

He knew that this Master of his had always been timid and at this juncture, he would absolutely not save him!

But could it be that he was just waiting for death like that

No, he absolutely could not accept this result! Why… Why did things turn out this way

Today was obviously the day where he was most proud of his success!






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