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“Wait, the few of you please hold on, you cannot leave yet!”

 They turned back in astonishment and saw an entire troop of guards dressed in uniformed Profound Armor rushing over from behind them, stopping them in their tracks.

 Li Moyings elegant sword shaped brows creased as cold intent flashed past his eyes.

 “Whats the meaning of this Trying to find trouble”

 Huang Yueli could tell that he was about to fly into a rage and hurriedly jumped out to speak, “Dear Sirs, we have already paid the entrance fee according to regulations, why do you still stop us”

 The leader heading the team took out a sedge scroll and looked at it against the light, he then took another look at Li Moying and Huang Yueli, apparently making a comparison.

 Huang Yueli frowned slightly as she turned back and met Li Moyings vision.

 The both of them had the same suspicions.

Could it be that… Li Moying had caught Li Lingchuan away and the news had been sent back to Leng family so quickly Further, Leng familys influence was so big and within such a short amount of time, they had managed to settle Sky Emperor Citys guards to help them capture them

 Logically speaking, it shouldnt be so.

 Although Leng family was said to be some “top ten clans”, but the Top Ten Clans itself was an overstatement.

 In Sky Emperor City, only the Seven Sacred Lands were the genuine super powerhouses as their foundation was strong and deep with preeminent strength that no one dared to provoke them.

 Other than that, the others like what Top Ten Clans, Eight large Sects or whatsoever were all self-claimed.

Rather than saying that these were publicly acknowledged super powerhouses, they might as well say that they were the next in sequence forces which had gathered together to gain the right of speech.

 So in essence, even if the entire Ten Clans grouped together, they still didnt have the qualifications to speak of a single word in front of Mu Chengying.

 Now just a measly last ranking Leng family could actually control Sky Emperor Citys guards Somehow something didnt feel quite right

 Although they were filled with suspicions, but the two of them were not feeling flustered.

 Sky Emperor City originally wasnt some place which was filled with pure and honest folkways so if they werent able to settle this small problem, then they can forget about continuing mingling here in future.

 But Luo Jiyun and the others were apparently frightened as they exchanged glances to see the terror in one anothers eyes.

 Since when had they encountered such a huge disposition of troops.

That time Cui Yuan Shan spoke of how incredible Leng family was, it seemed as though they were able to crush the entire Celestial Light Sect with just one finger.

 Thinking of their entire group of entourage, there was only Li Moying who was in ninth stage realm.

The others abilities belonged to the middle and low classes in Sky Emperor City, totally unable to resist against them.

 “Were done for, finished! Could they be from the Leng family trying to create trouble for us! Id never thought that Leng Yi Feng had such huge backing! Surely they wont….

wont really capture Eldest Senior Brother right”

 “Shouldnt be that bad…” Even Mo Yi who deeply believed in Li Moying couldnt help but get worried when he saw this.

 “Master capturing that fellow is logical and reasonable, not intentionally creating any trouble! Leng family cannot just be unreasonable! If theres really no choice….

Anyway since Li Lingchuan is still being locked behind in the carriage, should we just pass him over to Leng family, at least its better than being locked up the minute we enter the city!”

 “Just afraid that Leng familys people refuse to give up just like that!”

 Huang Yueli heard those discussions behind her as her lips twitched, thinking of going forward to educate them.

 But considering that the time wasnt quite right, she could only endured it as she kept her mouth shut.

 Just at this moment, after the team leader repeatedly verified the identity, he finally opened his mouth.

 “May I ask… are you Young Master Li, Li Moying”


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