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Chapter 1666: Cannot tell! (2)


its just Senior and Junior Brother relationship Eldest Senior Brother and I, are all South Sky Regions Celestial Light Sects direct disciples and today we have just entered Sky Emperor City…..”

His words had just fallen as the two attendees exchanged glances.

The duos attitude immediately underwent a change.

Earlier the glance towards Luo Jiyun and the others was rather disdainful because of their incapability.

But now, the two of them were extremely respectful.

“Oh, this Young Master here is Sovereigns South Sky Regions Junior Brother, we have disgraced ourselves earlier.”

Although the two of them assumed the identities of attendees, but they were Cang Po Juns trusted subordinates and their statuses in Blue Profound Sect werent lowly at all.

Furthermore their cultivations were currently at sixth stage realm later stage so in terms of battle power, they were far above Luo Jiyun!

Luo Jiyun saw them being so courteous and felt extremely embarrassed as he hurriedly said, “Elder Brothers, youre too kind! I… Im just an ordinary practitioner in South Sky Region.

Contrariwise my Eldest Senior Brother, he… what identity does he have Why did Sir Po Jun even….


Thinking of the scenario when Four Great Guardians knelt down towards Li Moying earlier, Luo Jiyun was disarrayed in the wind once again.

This simply was just too inconceivable, even until now he still felt that he was in a dream!

The attendants hesitated for a moment and asked, “Mister, dont you know even a little bit on your Eldest Senior Brothers identity”

Luo Jiyun shook his head, “What identity”

The attendants thought about it and said, “Anyway, Mister Li is indeed Blue Profound Sects Sovereign.

If this was not the case, how would the Four Great Guardians possibly kneel down to him so easily”

Luo Jiyun naturally knew this logic but he just couldnt get it!

“But… But… Eldest Senior Brother grew up with me since young and today is indeed the first time he entered Sky Emperor City, how did he suddenly become Blue Profound Sects Sovereign If he was your Sovereign, then how about Sovereign Mu…..”

The attendant smiled, “Since youre Sovereigns Junior Brother, then I will not be able to comment any further on this matter.

In future you will naturally find out about the truth.

Now, will all of you please come along with us!”

In the main cabin.

Luo Jiyun and the others left but Huang Yueli didnt move at all.

Cang Po Jun had just noticed that exceptional beautiful young lady who had always stood beside Li Moying and recalling back about the intimacy she had with Li Moying earlier, a shocking idea suddenly festered in his mind.

He forgot his manners and cried out in shock, “Sovereign, this young lady….

She… could she be…..”

Li Moying frowned slightly as a displeased look appeared on his face while berating softly, “Whats the fuss about This lady here… is the reincarnation of Miss Huang!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she showed her pearly white teeth, “Hi Guardians, long time no see.”

Since earlier, she had been observing Li Moyings Four Guardians.

Other than the first Guardian Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Yu helmed a refined temperament, taciturn and low-keyed person who was a ninth rank Array Grandmaster and also one of Mu Chengyings think tank team members.

The one with a smile always hanging on his face and also the youngest member with the highest innate talent was Cang Po Hun while the cold faced ice beauty Cang Ning Yue was the only female among the Four Great Guardians.

These four were considered as old acquaintances with Huang Yueli.

Only thing was, that year all of them had treated Huang Yueli with utmost respect.

As expected, upon hearing Li Moyings words, the Four Great Guardians all revealed an extremely shocked expression as they stared intently at her.







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