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Chapter 1706: Reconciled (4)

Thinking up to this point, Huang Yueli suddenly turned her head back and asked Cang Po Jun, “Thats right, Guardian Jun, Id like to ask….

Do you know the reason for Li Moying and Liu Buyan to fall out”

When Cang Po Jun heard this question, he felt suffocated as he completely didnt know what to say.

The reason for Li Moying and Liu Buyan to argue, the few of them Guardians knew it clearly.

But it probably never occurred to Grandmaster Huang that she was the reason for these two men to have fallen out with each other

Moreover, this was something which wasnt for him to speak about, otherwise when their Sovereign wakes up….

he might just skin him alive!

Cang Po Jun wanted to say something but then hesitated and at last he could only say these, “This… your Subordinate is also puzzled.

Sovereign and Divine Doctor Liu have such a long-standing relationship but its really puzzling why they just fell out like that! These kinds of matters are only known to the people who are directly involved.

Grandmaster Huang had better ask Sovereign when he regains consciousness!”

Huang Yuelis brows rose as she knew that Cang Po Jun wasnt telling the truth.

But she couldnt do anything about it as she could only nod her head, “Alright then!”

Li Moying was unconscious for an entire day and night before he regained consciousness.

Huang Yueli had not slept for the entire night and stayed by his side all the while.

But when Doctor Lu saw Li Moying awakening, he had a rude shock, “I had thought that Sovereign would at least be unconscious for seven days and seven nights! Why is he able to regain consciousness so quickly”

Luo Jiyun hurriedly said, “This is probably because Sister-in-law has been staying beside Eldest Senior Brother all this while!”

“What do you mean”

Luo Jiyun pulled Doctor Lu aside and explained clearly to him the scenario which happened to Li Moying whenever he acted up in the past.

Doctor Lu was evidently puzzled but after helping Li Moying take his pulse, he expressed that Li Moyings body had recovered at a rate which exceeded his predictions and if this carried on, even if he didnt take the Ennead Heavenly Dragon Cinnabar, he would at least be able to recover to eighty or ninety percent of his original state so he hoped that Huang Yueli would be able to stay by Li Moyings side as much as possible.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief.

From the looks of it, Li Moying would not be in much danger for the time being.

Without Doctor Lus advice, she wouldnt dare to leave Li Moying side for too long.

But recovering to eighty or ninety percent state, to Li Moying who was trying to charge towards the tenth stage realm, was totally not enough.

She needed to locate Liu Buyan!

After Li Moying regained consciousness, under Huang Yuelis unwavering care, the recovery speed of his body was rather fast.

What made him most delighted was that Huang Yueli no longer entered a cold war with him and refused to mention anything about their past life as the both of them resumed the past sweet and loving state.

The only thing which made him melancholic was that Huang Yueli turned extremely anxious and kept watching every single action he made, almost turning him into a paper person who might just be blown away with a gentle breeze and he didnt know to laugh or cry for this.

Seeing Huang Yueli walking over slowly with a large bowl of medicinal cuisine, Li Moyings face appeared a bitter smile.

“Lier, can we discuss this, can I not eat that…..”

Huang Yueli immediately rewarded him by rolling her eyes back, “Whats calledthat! This is the medicinal cuisine which I had personally brewed and it has been stewing from early morning till now, how could you even treat it with disdain!”

Li Moying hurriedly said, “Im not disdaining it, but….

my body has already recovered! Yesterday when Doctor Lu came over to take my pulse, hadnt he said that Im now back to normal and can cultivate in peace”

After taking so much oily medicinal cuisines, he really had enough of it!






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