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Chapter 1747: After your self-explosion…… (2)

“Someone asked what was it exactly but the ninth stage realm peak practitioner who was leading the group spoke extremely cautiously, only saying that it was a palm sized jade artifact and asked the Armament Masters to take notice, to check every suspicious single mechanism like array, leaving nothing left unturned.”

“Ninth stage realm peak practitioner….” Huang Yueli frowned as she racked her brains, “Who could that be”

Soaring Heavens Continents Sky Charts ninth stage realm peak practitioners were only those ten over people but she couldnt exclude the peerless top exponents from the four sky regions and those who had hidden themselves into seclusion.

Among those people, who would take the risk of entering the Armament Guild Headquarters

Actually, the moment Ye Xing Hua mentioned this point, Huang Yueli had already started to understand that.

The item which these people had secretly sneaked into the Armament Guild internal sector to search for, should be her Sky Phoenix Ring.

When she self-exploded, she actually brought the Sky Phoenix Ring along and even she herself did not imagined that her self-explosion had actually roused the spirit in the Sky Phoenix Ring, activating the piece of God relic, making the Sky Phoenix Ring merging her thoughts into one, thus allowing her to be reborn.

In this way, these people who had pursued after her relentlessly for the Sky Phoenix Ring would naturally not be able to find even the dredges of it.

Looked like these people were still unresigned as they turned their attention towards the Armament Guild Headquarters!

But even if they turned the entire Armament Guild upside down, it was impossible to find whatever Sky Phoenix Ring!

Ye Xing Hua continued to speak, “These people couldnt find the things which they wanted in Masters armament refining room and decided to continue searching in the Headquarters warehouse but they still werent able to find anything.

Just as I thought that they were preparing to give up, that leader suddenly said that Huang Yueli was on the best terms with President Jiang in the Armament Guild Headquarters and perhaps that old man might know something! So they turned around and headed over to President Jiangs armament refining room…..”

Saying to this point, Ye Xing Hua suddenly stopped.

Huang Yueli had an ominous foreboding in her heart, “Whats the matter Why arent you continuing”

Ye Xing Huas face flushed totally red and his eyes were filled with blood as his fists clenched tightly, as intense anger was dissipated from him!

“That bunch of beasts…..! That bunch of beasts killed President Jiang!”

“What President Jiang was killed by them”

Huang Yuelis eyes turned wide, totally unable to believe what she heard!

The President of the Armament Guild Headquarters at that time was Jiang Chengxun and he was an amiable grandpa who was a few hundred years old.

Anyway he had been holding the position of Armament Guild Headquarters President for many, many years already.

When Huang Yueli was very young, she obtained a lot of help from him and was extremely respectful towards him.

After her rebirth, she had indeed heard of such a rumour that not too long after her self-explosion, President Jiang had also passed away.

But she did not put too much thought into that.

Because President Jiangs condition had not been very good and he was indeed extremely, extremely old so there was a feeling that he would breathe his last any moment soon hence the news didnt really surprise anyone.

“What on earth exactly happened Tell me quickly!!”

Huang Yueli saw Ye Xing Hua shaking with anger as she was so anxious that she stomped her feet!

Ye Xing Hua had finally regained some calm and swiftly narrated the happenings as he voice kept on shaking.

“President Jiang was behind closed doors in his armament refining room refining armaments and was rumoured that he needed to refine continuously for three days and three nights before it could be accomplished.

However, these people broke through the protection array mid-way and charged in to interrupt him.

Besides that, they took the opportunity while he was fully concentrated on the armament furnace to capture him and tied him up.”

“Damn it! How dare they actually do this to President Jiang!” Huang Yueli hissed through gritted teeth.


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