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Chapter 179 – All system talent, world startling gem

This stinking brat really needed to be taught a lesson.

She did not know who he was learning from recently, but he spoke like a thug at such a young age.

Tsk tsk, daring to even talk back at his master!

If he continued to be like this as a child, what will he grow up to become

Suddenly, Huang Yue Li recalled the scene when she first entered the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Seeing that phoenix on the platform, Wang Cai seemed to say that it was his brother – a real Ancient and Grand Phoenix.

That large phoenix possessed his own charisma! Masculine! Unrestrained! Shocking!But this bad character of his, it wouldn’t be heredity

Though, in summary, in order to correct this little boy’s bad attitude, she must keep him under house arrest for a while!

In a good mood, Huang Yue Li stepped out from the tub.

Putting on some clean clothes, she lazily stretched out.

It had been quite a long time since she experienced the feeling of possessing strength.

Her body was practically at one with the worldly energy around her.

As long as she beckoned, profound qi filled her entire being with ease!

Face lighting up with a smile, she pulled out 《Nine Phoenix Transformations》and began to carefully read it.

In order to defend against the possibility of cultivators of the 《Nine Phoenix Transformations》 from going berserk, she was only capable of reading the first few pages.

Only when she mastered the contents in the first section, will the latter stages be unlocked.

According to the instructions in the manual, since she had successfully broken through the bottleneck, she would be able to display the domineering powerful of her Flame Spirit Physique.

And since the Flame Spirit Physique is also considered a rare and top level talent, in terms of cultivational advantage, it was said to be overwhelming.

“…….not only will they be naturally aligned with the fire attribute, their cultivational will also be ten times faster than ordinary ninth grade talent.

Furthermore, all possessors of the Spirit Physiques have…….all system talent!”

Reading through the manual, her hands shook.

This shake nearly ripped the pages.

“Other attributes may not be as outstanding as the fire attribute, but they would at least be ninth grade talent! …….did they make a mistake, was this manual writing nonsense”

Feeling her face twitch, Huang Yue Li could not believe it.

This……this couldn’t be true

Although she heard the little phoenix speak of it, that the Flame Spirit Physique was very very rare, but……all system talent

This is too much nonsense!

In her previous life, with her ninth grade fire talent and her seventh grade metal talent, she was already considered a peerless genius in the Tian Ling Continent.

With such amazing talent, she not only did she become the sole Ninth Tier Armament Master in the Continent, she also successfully at the twenty-five years old, broke through to the ninth stage the Emperor Profound Realm.

Second only to Mu Cheng Ying, to reach the ninth stage in her twenties.

Yet this manual was telling her, the grand ninth grade talent of her previous life, was only a passing advantage that the Flame Spirit Physique possessed in it various advantages It was not worth mentioning at all

This this…………

Although this book originates from the God Realm, but Huang Yue Li still doubted the credibility of it………

If this was true, then her talent…….scared even herself………….

“Oh, whether it’s true or fake, I can not waste anymore time.

I must quickly begin to cultivate the Nine Phoenix Transformations!”

Shaking her vigorously to rid herself of all negative thoughts and distractions, she began to read the first pages.

Then, sitting cross-legged on the floor, she held her breath and recited the meditative chant.

Following that, she started to absorb the profound qi around her.


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