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Chapter 1883: Love rivals for two lifetimes (5)

Li Moying listened to Liu Buyans berating and the more he heard, the angrier he got.

Whats more, there was a kind of indescribable terror.

Liu Buyans sight had always been very accurate.

Although he didnt know Bai Ruolis real identity, but this lifetime he had fallen in love with the same young lady and what did that represent It meant that his feelings towards Huang Yueli was indeed deep enough, which actually placed her inside his heart exclusively among the mass of commoners around.

If it wasnt for the fact that Liu Buyan had fallen in love with his beloved woman, then Li Moying would probably be moved by this passion of his!

If Lier found out about it, would she be moved

Li Moying purposely spite him and purposely didnt tell Liu Buyan the truth.

Instead his lips curled upwards in an evil way as he said, “What should we do if Huang Yueli comes back Very easy, just drizzle the salad with dressing! Let the both of them end up with a deal! Im the Sovereign of the Number One Sacred Lands, so marrying two wives, shouldnt be any big deal isnt it”


shameless to the extreme!”

Liu Buyan was so angry that he stood up immediately and he could no longer control his fury as ninth stage realm peak practitioners Profound Energy pressure was instantly unleashed!

He was one of the top ten top exponents in the Sky Chart and had been established for many years.

His cultivation base was solid and the Profound Energy which he unleashed was unsophisticated and pure, totally filled with the pressurizing sense from a high ranking person.

A few months ago in Celestial Light Sect, it was exactly under this pressure which pushed Li Moying into a dishevelled state.

But the current Li Moying, was no longer the same as before.

After advancing into ninth stage realm, based on his past lifes experience and foundation, his cultivation swiftly stabilized and moreover, his soul trace was much stronger than any other ordinary ninth stage realm practitioner, and he had also started to re-learn various famous Profound Skills which he had acquired in his past life.

Even though he had yet to reach his past lifes ability to sweep the entire world, but in front of Liu Buyan, at least he didnt appear dishevelled.

Li Moying also stood up slowly as he unleashed his own Profound Energy, going up against Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan cultivated mainly in Earth attributed cultivation methods and his cure and regeneration of ability was extremely strong which in comparison was much gentler as compared to Li Moyings aggressive and penetrative Thunder attributed cultivation methods.

The disparity of his attack ability was simply too huge and in actual combat, he was often the weaker party.

Hence, it made up for Li Moyings lack of cultivation.

The two of them stood upright as they sensed each others pressure.

Li Moying was feeling a little hot-tempered because Liu Buyan who refused to back down in this lifetime, was a huge threat to him.

Whereas Liu Buyan looked at Li Moying who was giving off the same aura as in his past life, he was feeling extremely shocked!

As compared to the last time when the both of them had a stand-off, Li Moyings cultivation apparently had tremendously improved! Even if he had his past lifetimes foundation, his cultivation shouldnt be able to advance so swiftly! Moreover his primordial spirit was damaged so theoretically it should have a big influence towards his cultivation.

Why was Li Moying still the same, ridiculously strong to such a step

This man, why was it that at any moment, he was always being taken care of by life

Not only did he have outstanding talent, even the most outstanding, most dazzling talented young lady had her eyes only for him.

The Huang Yueli sixteen years ago, and Bai Ruoli from sixteen years later…..

Liu Buyans eyes turned red as he stared at Li Moying furiously, “Im warning you for the very last time, break off the engagement with Bai Ruoli immediately! Youve already got Huang Yueli so why are you still snatching Young Miss Bai from me She deserves someone better! This time round, I will not give in to you anymore!”

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph, “My answer is still the same – keep dreaming!”


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