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Chapter 1935: Acting like a fool (11)

“Oh, so its like this…..” Huang Yueli nodded, “Since you put it in this way, I understand it all now!”

The young lady thought that she couldnt win her in words and finally heaved a sigh of relief, “Its good that you understand it all now!”

Huang Yueli shot her a glance and turned around as she cupped her hands towards Feng Zhensheng, “President Feng, now the truth should be very clear! Young Miss Feng was injured, mainly falls on the responsibility of your guards! The group of them were nearby but they didnt question when they saw me and Young Miss Feng having a conflict, and later on when the fire started, they actually were only concerned about escaping to save their own lives so no one actually went to save Young Miss Feng at all! Such guards….

Whats the point of keeping them”

Huang Yuelis brows rose, as she spoke out strictly.

Everyone present was stunned by what she said.

Everyone had assumed that she would have a round of debate with the young lady on who was the one who started the fight, but they had not expected that Huang Yueli actually changed the topic and pushed the responsibility onto the guards instead!

Moreover, after carefully thinking through, they all felt that what she said was logical.

Feng Xiaoyan had a fifth stage realm cultivation whereas Huang Yueli was an ordinary person.

With such a disparity in abilities, Feng Xiaoyan was hurt to seriously…..

It could be said that the guards nonfeasance was the main reason.

If they were able to stop them earlier, or if they managed to save her when the fire first started, things would not have developed to such a stage!

Feng Zhenshengs face sunk, “What you said is correct! These guards are simply trash! We Alchemist Guild pays them with such high salaries, and even treats their family members, but in the end They actually caused Yaner to suffer from such a serious injury! Theyre simply a bunch of trash! Men, drag this fellow…..”

“Injustice! This subordinate has been accused wrongly! This Subordinate really did not intentionally watch Eldest Young Miss being beaten by or suffer an injury! These are all… are all Eldest Young Misss orders! Will President and Elders please check thoroughly! This Subordinate is merely listening to Eldest Young Misss orders only!”

After the guard had been beaten forty paddles, he basically was already in a half dead state.

In the end upon hearing Feng Zhenshengs tone, it seemed as though he was really going to listen to Huang Yuelis slanderous report, pushing the responsibility of Feng Xiaoyans injury a few days ago, onto their heads.

He was so scared that his soul almost flew away!

Earlier he was already beaten for no good reason and had already lost half of his life.

If he were to become a scapegoat for this again, didnt that mean that he would lose his life totally

Furthermore, he was obviously just listening to Feng Xiaoyans orders just to fawn on the latter.

But in the end, he became the main culprit for Feng Xiaoyans crime Could there be anyone who was feeling even more unjustified than him

The guard was burning with anxiety.

Now that things have come to such a stage, he already couldnt care less, only thinking to wash this matter off his hands because he absolutely cannot pay with his life right here!

Hearing the guard crying innocence, everyone was dazed.

Only Huang Yueli, with a smile on her face, spoke out slowly, “What do you mean by this Whats called Eldest Young Misss orders Feng Xiaoyan isnt a retard so could it be that after she was bullied or injured, she actually asked you guys not to bother about her and watch her being beaten up This reason of yours is just too comical! You really dare to say anything just to be absolved of the crime!”

The guards forehead was filled with sweat because he was at a difficult position right now!

Since he had already made a header, he totally couldnt care less as he spoke out the entire truth.

“Elders, This Subordinate is really acting on Eldest Young Misss orders and Eldest Young Misss injury was purely an accident…”


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