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Chapter 2048: Soaring Heavens Continents grand event (4)

Those who entered the cabin for the very first time would inevitably reveal an astonished look.

But it was still a sea of calmness on Li Moyings face, as though he was accustomed to this kind of high levelled array.

Not only him, even the frail fiancée beside him had a composed expression, as her actions were extremely natural.

This made Soaring Heavens Merchant Guilds President look up to them even more.

Naturally, what the President didnt know was that in their past lives, Huang Yueli and Mu Chengying had already been here for multiple auctions and every single time they would take up the best cabin, so naturally they didnt feel that this sort of treatment was anything to make a fuss about.

After the President left, the few of them completely relaxed.

Huang Yueli turned around and looked at Li Moying, “Moying, are you alright Are you not feeling well anywhere”

Li Moying didnt know if he should laugh or cry, “Lier, can you stop treating me like an invalid Even Divine Doctor Dai said that my condition is under control and there wouldnt be any danger momentarily.

Moreover the Profound Energy within my body is abundant, and it seems to be on the verge of breaking through recently so I think I dont need too much time before I can resume my real ability, and will be able to properly protect you…”

Perhaps it was because he had been using Profound Energy to resist again the Soul Detachment Illnesss symptoms so in a certain aspect, it actually sharpened Li Moyings meridians, causing the Profound Energy within him to become purer.

So after his illness had stabilized, his cultivation was on the verge of breakthrough.

But for safety sake, Divine Doctor Dai advised him not to advance casually, at least he needed to wait until they had refined the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill successfully first before considering anything else.

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately became nervous, “What rubbish are you sprouting! Youre still intending to recover your potential to protect me No need, I can protect myself very well so you can concentrate on recovering and that will do!”


“No Buts!” Huang Yuelis tone was fierce as she stared fiercely at him.

Li Moying instantly shut his mouth, putting on a fearful expression.

Dai Boqi and the others were looking at him from the side and they couldnt help but laughed secretly.

Luo Jiyun who had tagged along couldnt help but teased, “Ive never imagined that Eldest Senior Brother has been wise for his entire life but hed still have today Lil Sister-in-law, your action is called what….

The lioness from Hedong roars”

Li Moying casted a cold stare towards him, “Tired of living”

Luo Jiyun immediately shrunk his neck as he hid behind Huang Yueli while continuing to mumble, “Lil Sister-in-law, save me, I beg you to protect me! Eldest Senior Brothers embarrassment has turned into rage and he wants to kill someone!”

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli also said chillingly, “Didnt you say that Im a lioness Consider it your luck that I didnt eat you up, still expecting me to protect you”

Luo Jiyun was instantly dumbstruck and after sometime later, he laughed dryly, “Lil Sister-in-law, I dont mean it in that way…”

Cang Po Hun was laughing so much that he couldnt stand up straight, “I say, Young Master Luo, youve really got guts! Just one sentence and youve offended two people, youre really extraordinary!”

Everyone started to laugh at the same time.

But just at this moment, Huang Yueli looked out from the window and her smile disappeared instantly as her expression turned gloomy.

Luo Jiyun noticed this and asked in surprise, “Lil Sister-in-law, you… whats the matter Are you really angry I… I didnt say that to anger you intentionally Its just a joke…..”

However, Huang Yueli seemed as though she didnt hear him as she looked straight out of the window, her body was stiff as she totally didnt move and the hands by her side were clenched tightly into fists!


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