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Chapter 2104: Acting cute and coquettish (9)

In the next moment, her breath was almost completely stolen under the scorching mans pressing breath!

Li Moyings kiss was the same as before as it was filled with invasiveness and so intensely hot that it was rampaging with heat, as it leaned towards an almost insane deep moodiness.

Not knowing how long later, as Huang Yueli felt that she was almost about to suffocate when she was released.

Li Moying backed off slightly but his heated breathing still puffed against her lips which had turned red from the kissing earlier.

“Do you know your mistake already” The mans mellow and sexy voice was heard, which was mixed with an unsteady stream of breathing.

Huang Yueli had not regained her senses totally as she stared blankly at that extremely good looking mans face as she asked in a blank stupor, “Know… what”

Li Moying looked at her blank expression as his lips curled up into a smirk of delighted smile.

His own familys lass, her infatuation towards him was totally written on his face and to a man, there was nothing else which made him more complacent than this.

At this moment, Li Moying who had vented all his frustration had his anger quelled by quite a large bit.

However, he refused to let go of the benefit which he had derived so he intentionally pretended to be displeased, “Dont know Looks like the punishment isnt enough! Lets continue!”

Saying that, before waiting for Huang Yueli to come over it, he continued to put his mouth against that jelly soft lips once again.

The moment their lips touched each other, he couldnt help but gave out a sigh from the bottom of his heart.

His Lier was just too sweet, making him unable to stop himself from coming closer to her, closer a little more…..

Li Moying involuntarily deepened his kiss as his arm also drew her in tighter but not too long later, he slowly shifted and started to caress that young ladys perky bottom as he pressed against her tightly, winding their bodies together.

Huang Yueli felt slight discomfort as she struggled for a few times but was suppressed by Li Moyings powerful strength.

Li Moying felt bouts of pain in his body and a scorching heat arose from his lower abdomen gushing straight into his brain.

The moment the highly strung rationality in his mind broke, he lost total control of himself as he flipped over and pressed Huang Yueli down onto the chaise longue.

It was at this moment when Huang Yueli suddenly awoken in fright as she met with that mans profound pupils and on that perfectly bewitching handsome face, which had flushed pink at this very moment and sweat had profuse so much that it had totally wet the corners of the hair on his forehead.

Yet that made him looked even more overbearing and more dangerous than usual…

Huang Yueliss chest pounded vigorously as she lifted up both her hands and pressed it against Li Moyings chest in an attempt to push him away but the energy from her totally wasnt off any use at all.

Li Moying licked the corners of his lips in an iniquitously demonic manner and lowering his head, he moved from her fair, slender neck, slowly downwards…

Huang Yueli struggled anxiously however that instead ignited the flame in the man as his power was overwhelming, restraining her tightly.

Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she worked up all the Profound Energy within her and pushed Li Moying hard on his chest area!

Li Moying was still indulged in the young ladys sweet breath as he totally didnt expected to be injured by her with Profound Energy and as a result, he was unable to evade in time when he was slapped onto the ground by one slap of hers.


Li Moying raised his head up in shock as he met with the young ladys embarrassed and furious gaze.

He lay on the floor as he just gave up on getting up, “Lier, youre trying to murder your husband!”

Huang Yueli was both embarrassed and angry as smoke was puffing out from the top of her head, “Husband your head! My Master has already said that during treatment period, youre absolutely not allowed….

to do that! Otherwise your illness will definitely relapse again!”


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