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Chapter 2152: Like a joke (2)

Whether Huang Yueli could refine the pills out or not, it was really still too early to speak.

Whereas on the other side, Feng Xiaoyan was trying her best in refining the Poison Purging Pill.

This kind of foundational second level medicinal pill had much simpler techniques to refine and in total, the sequences it required was only half of the Fatigue Relief Pill.

Adding on that this was the pill which Feng Xiaoyan usually refined, hence it only took her a little over an hour before she completed the first batch of pill refining.

She took a deep breath and struck out all her Profound Energy to lift up the furnace lid.

After the smoke dissipated, nine medicinal pills inside the furnace were displayed clearly in front of her eyes.

Feng Xiaoyan felt jubilant and a satisfied and complacent smile surfaced on her face!

Her success rate of the Poison Purging Pill was approximately thirty percent and on the first time to be able to successfully form it into pills was absolutely the display of good luck, moreover she refined a total of seven pills in this one time! It was her first time having refined so many pills in one tray! This was an exceptional good display of her performance.

This time round, her chances of passing the second round of competition was a matter of fact.

Moreover she still had two more chances and if her luck was good enough to refine another tray, she would practically be able to win first place! Hence at this very moment, undulating praises could be heard coming from behind her.

Feng Xiaoyan had assumed that everyone saw the pills which she had refined and were astonished by her powerful ability hence she smiled exceptionally brightly.

Just at this moment, Master Zhang ran over to her side with a stunned expression.

Feng Xiaoyan puffed up her chest, just waiting to be commended by Master Zhang.

Whoever knew that Master Zhang didnt even stopped for a moment and directly ran past her, but rather he ran over to Huang Yuelis side!

Feng Xiaoyans mouth opened wide as she was a little short of recollecting her senses.

It was then when she saw Master Zhang popping out his head to take a look at Huang Yuelis furnace with a shocked and surprised look and after a while later, he took out a medicinal pill with a shaking hand from the pill furnace.

“Fatigue Relief Pill! It really is the Fatigue Relief Pill! Moreover, it has already reached second level upper grade and the medicinal effect as compared to ordinary Fatigue Relief Pill is much higher by fifty percent or so!” He looked at it against the sunlight and carefully observed the medicinal pill which Huang Yueli had refined and the more he looked, the more praises he had for it, “From the perfect shape of this along with the flowing pill pattern, one would know that in the refining process, the control of the flame that the Pill Master had had already reached the limit! This is really too incredible!”

Saying that, he took out the other pills from the pill furnace, one after another.

“One piece, two pieces, three pieces… theres actually a total of ten pieces! That many! And every single piece of it is of the finest quality!”

When the spectators heard Master Zhangs explanation, all of them were dumbstruck.

“Heavens, thats too incredible! How is that possible!”

“Young Miss Bai not only knows how to refine pills, moreover she refined it so well.

Could it be that before she acknowledged Divine Doctor Dai as Master, she was already a Pill Master”

“Should be so, otherwise how would she be able to refine the Fatigue Relief Pill in just under one month Surely its not possible to have such an abnormal genius right”

“No wonder, even if this was so, her innate talent is already very shocking! A sixteen year old second level Pill Master, absolutely with a boundless future ahead of her!”

Bursts after bursts of praises were heaped upon Huang Yueli.

So many spectators and yet none of them noticed that just beside Huang Yueli, there was a Feng Xiaoyan who had already completed refining one tray of medicinal pills.


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