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Chapter 2170: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (8)

“You cant casually say such words! Without any evidence, this is slander and it is an infringement towards my reputation!”

Master Zhang also frowned as he said, “Thats right, Young Miss Feng, Young Miss Bais entire refinement was done under the crowd and judging committees supervision and theres absolutely no possibility for her to cheat.

You have to take up responsibility for the kind of nonsense that you sprout!”

Feng Xiaoyans face instantly turned red, “I… I was just..

just too surprised! Moreover speaking, this is just too abnormal.

Just one month ago, Bai Ruoli obviously still didnt have any pill refining skills!”

Actually, how would Feng Xiaoyan possibly not know that the possibility of cheating while refining pills in this kind of open public competition was simply too low.

But if she had to admit Huang Yuelis abnormal standard of innate talent, she just simply couldnt accept it momentarily.

This time round, she had already made an all rounded preparation and exhausted all her means so that she could rebound back in the third round, to make up for the embarrassing sight which she had shown the day before.

Whoever knew that in the end, she discovered that it was all a waste of her effort.

Huang Yuelis innate talent was actually so outstanding to this extent! No matter how much she racked her brains, there was no way that she could look forward to that!

Master Zhang took out the White Crane Pills which Huang Yueli refined, one piece after another.

“Third level medicinal pills, nine points for one piece.

As youve refined third level middle grade medicinal pills, it can be counted as ten points for one piece and theres a total of ten pieces here so thats one hundred points!”

One hundred points!

Such an astonishing high mark and that instantly caused a series of squeals.

Most of the participants present hadnt even finished their first batch of medicinal pills whereas for those who had completed, other than Feng Xiaoyan, the rest had all failed.

At this moment, on hearing Huang Yuelis points, that twenty four points earlier instantly was extremely little as it could be!

This hadnt even hit a quarter of what Huang Yueli had got!

As the saying went, comparing one against another would make one die while goods would have to be thrown away.

Feng Xiaoyans little bit of halo earlier, in comparison to Huang Yuelis, instantly vanished to nowhere.

“Heavens, Ive really come to the right event! Ive not expected that Bai Tuoli is actually such an incredible pill refining genius!”

“Divine Doctor Dai has picked up a treasure this time again! In the near future, her achievements will definitely not be any lower than Divine Doctor Liu!”

“This is just too incredible! After the competition ends, she will be able to claim the third rank Pill Master badge right”

“Was that necessary Perhaps, she has the fourth rank ability, just that she didnt say it out!”

Earlier everyone was still exclaiming just how talented Feng Xiaoyan was but now, no one even remembered about her anymore.

Feng Xiaoyan was so infuriated that her teeth were itching and she almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

However, she could do nothing to Huang Yueli at all.

The disparity in abilities was placed so distinctively right there and everyone was able to tell that she just couldnt be compared to Huang Yueli at all!

Huang Yueli detected Feng Xiaoyans jealous gaze which was filled with hatred but she merely gave a smile and didnt think much of it.

She quickly composed herself and continued to refine the next batch of medicinal pills.

Everyones gaze kept following her around, wanting to see that following this, was she able to continuously create another miracle to refine other third level medicinal pills.

Feng Xiaoyan kept stealing glances at her, and she saw with her own eyes just how smooth Huang Yuelis actions were, and very quickly, she looked as though she was about to finish refining another batch of pills once again.


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