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Chapter 2188: Who was that exactly (2)

But when he said that, it was still so arrogant as it was even tinged with a hint of coercive meaning.

“Young Sect Master Li, you ought to think carefully, I know that you want that stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid to save a life! Is a woman more important or your life more important, this should be very easy to choose right”

When Li Moying heard that, amid his fury, it had a few hints of astonishment!

Because the ghost masked man actually said that he required the Bipolar Black Orchid to save a life!

This matter, other than a few trusted aides next to him, there were only a limited few female attendants in Levitation Sword Palace who knew about this and among all these attendants, they had all been planted with the Slave Seal and if they betrayed him, they would immediately be killed by the Slave Seal! It was not possible to betray him!

In this way, where did the news of this come out

Li Moyings gaze was deep and he suppressed the dizzy feeling in his head and took a step forward, “The condition which your distinguished self had come out with, is it said intentionally to make a sport out of This Seat Since thats the case, it looks like its not possible for us to settle this matter peacefully”

The ghost masked man stared at Li Moying as he was putting himself on full alert but his lips kept showing a disdainful smile, “Based on you Although you are able to hurt me and that means that your ability isnt too bad, but unfortunately, if you want to snatch the Bipolar Black Orchid from me, youre still too weak, too weak! Earlier I just wasnt fully prepared hence I suffered a blow from you, did you think that your ability is exceeding Only the Mu Chengying back then was able to have an even fight with This Lord!”

Cang Po Jun barked sharply, “Shut your gap! Who do you think you are, you even dare to mention Sovereigns name!”

“What thing am I Looks like if this Lord doesnt show you some colours, you probably dont know how high the heaven is and how thick the earth is”

The ghost masked man sneered as his right hand pointed a finger right up into the sky and was about to make a move.

“Stop it!”

Huang Yuelis voice was heard coming from behind Cang Po Jun and the The ghost masked man was stunned as he stopped his hand and turned his head over to take a look.

Huang Yueli slowly walked over and Li Moying creased his brows, “What are you doing here Step further away!”

Huang Yueli shook her head at him and walked right next to Li Moying before opening her mouth, “Your distinguished self wants me to leave with you If I really leave with you, can you guarantee that you will give my fiancée the Bipolar Black Orchid”

The ghost masked man chuckled deeply, “About this….

as long as you leave with me, whats the Bipolar Black Orchid considered as, well just give it to this young lad.”

Huang Yueli nodded and replied resolutely, “Aright, then Ill leave with you! Throw the Bipolar Black Orchids jade box over!”

The ghost masked man gripped the jade box tightly, “Come over first and well talk.”

Huang Yueli said, “Why Im just a seventh stage realm practitioner whereas youre at ninth stage realm peak! Surely it cant be because youre afraid that Id run away”

The ghost masked man shook his head, “Although you young lasss ability isnt worth mentioning, but the three men next to you all have not bad abilities.

Especially your fiancé… moreover speaking, youre extremely intelligent and witty, so I ought to have some considerations isnt it”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Alright, then Ill go over.

But I can only move forward three steps.”

The ghost masked man and the few of them were actually very near and they were merely six to seven steps apart.

Huang Yueli moved three steps in front and that would mean that she was in the middle between them.

The ghost masked man weighed the pros and cons about it and said, “Can.”

Li Moyings brows were tightly knitted when he heard that as he stretched out his hand and pulled Huang Yuelis wrist tightly.

“Lier, what are you doing Go back right now! This place isnt a place which you should come to!”

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