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Chapter 2191: Who was that exactly (5)

Coordinating with Liu Buyan and the others cover, there was a chance that they might be able to make the ghost masked man stay!

Liu Buyan didnt say much to them but walked right behind Cang Po Jun and picked up the jade box which the ghost masked man had thrown out earlier.

This jade box was just enveloped in the flame and even exploded and now it had already turned into a ghastly sight which was as black as ash and moreover, it still broke into two halves right in the middle.

Liu Buyan picked up the box and instantly gave a cold sneer, “Indeed a smokescreen, theres nothing inside at all!”

Li Moying had expected this point earlier on hence he wasnt very surprised at all.

“I wonder what background this ghost masked man has, to have such powerful ability! What happened in these few years since I had been reborn Ive practically hadnt heard of this kind of mysterious peerless top exponent in Soaring Heavens Continent….

moreover, whats he going to do with the Bipolar Black Orchid after snatching it”

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun heard that, and frowned as they delved into deep thoughts.

Just at this moment, not too far away, Huang Yuelis shocked screams could be heard.

“You guys come over quickly! These black robed men are actually… actually all dead”

Li Moying and the others all turned their heads to discover that while they were fighting with the ghost masked man, those black robed men had mostly run off and the remaining few all laid on the ground totally not moving at all.

Whereas Huang Yueli was just squatting down next to one of them as her face revealed a grave expression.

The few of them walked towards her and lowering their heads, they realised that Huang Yueli had already taken a dagger out as she lifted the hoodie which was used to cover their complexions of those black robed men.

However, beneath the hoodie, a pitch black twisted face appeared and it even gave off a disgusting stench.

Not knowing when, this man had already died and moreover, he died a horrendous death as his entire body was rotting and turning black.

If a young child were to see this, that child would definitely have nightmares at night.

Huang Yuelis intention was to see what backgrounds these ninth stage realm practitioners had.

But now that the corpses had already rotted to such an extent, there was naturally no way to tell the identity of the dead.

Liu Buyan took a look and frowned, “Junior Sister, quickly get up and dont stay too close! This person had died from the Seven Blossom Powder and once this poisonous powder is stained on you, it will immediately start to rot the poisoned persons entire body, all the way until the internal organs have rotted as well! Moreover the deaths corpse qi will also affect the surrounding people to develop some mild signs of being poisoned.”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately covered her nose as she stepped back, not forgetting to pull Li Moying along as well.

Liu Buyan walked up and checked the few corpses on the ground one after another and as expected, these few people were all dead and moreover, they had all died because of the Seven Blossom Powder.

Cang Po Jun followed behind him and on seeing this horrendous state, he couldnt help but shook his head, “This is all the doing of that ghost masked man What I find strange about this is this Seven Blossom Flower needs seven kinds of seven level and above poisonous flower as the raw ingredient and after seven refinements before it could be formed into a rare poison.

There arent more than a total of ten Pill Masters who are able to refine out the Seven Blossom Powder in Soaring Heavens Continent! How did these people get this then”

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