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Chapter 2478: Li Moyings change of fortune (7)

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He was just finding it strange when Bai Liufeng cleared his throat and said, “Mu… cough cough, Moying ah, you ran about to handle so much stuff upon returning back, its been hard on you.

Lass Li had just asked someone to brew this top grade cloud flake tea, have a cup to relieve your thirst!”

“Ah Oh oh, alright, drink tea, drink tea…..”


Li Moying was even more astonished that not only was he not swept out of the door, but had been bestowed a seat to have tea!

Abnormal, simply too abnormal!

Surely the tea wouldnt be poisoned right

Li Moying raised up his teacup as his heart was shrouded with thoughts.

He believed that his Lier would not possibly murder her own husband, should… not possible… hence he braced himself and drank the tea.

The taste of the tea was sweet and it was the top grade cloud flake tea which he had specially found means and ways to please his little fiancée.

Could it be that, there really wasnt any scheme, that Bai Liufeng had already seen the wedding between him and Huang Yueli about to materialise, hence he looked at him in a new light

Li Moying put down the teacup as he silently pondered over this while asking, “Father-in-law, today you have just arrived but saw the internal farce that is happening in our Blue Profound Sect.

This is simply… such an embarrassment!”

Bai Liufeng looked at the extraordinarily suave young man before him who bore an elegant bearing and he silently sighed in his heart.

No wonder, from the first time he saw Li Moying, he felt that this man was someone out of the ordinary but he had already reached the ninth stage realm seventh level.

No matter what he was definitely an appalling peerless genius, God Realm would probably be lacking in such a character with excellent innate talent as well.

Moreover, Li Moying had a natural kings bearing where it was impossible to look straight.

When he stood next to Liu Buyan, even though his cultivation was one of the lowest among all of them, but anyone was able to tell that he was the centre among that group of people!

Although he seemed as though he didnt see eye to eye with this son-in-law on the surface, but actually what Bia Liufeng really thought, had always been unbelievable!

How was his Lass Lis foresight was so good, to casually pick such an outstanding young man.

Moreover she was adept at disciplining, which made Li Moying totally devoted to her.

Until today, Bai Liufeng had finally managed to find the answer to the questions in his heart….

So… everything was not a coincidence….

Bai Liufeng coughed, “No matter, its all because of me that youve stayed for two months in Northern Ice Fields thus delaying the affairs of the Sect.

Otherwise all these wouldnt have happened at all so if we were to speak of this, its actually my fault.”

When Li Moying heard that, he silently shuddered.

Father-in-law was acting so courteous today, being so understanding and that simply made the hairs on his back stand!

Li Moying thought about this and felt that the atmosphere wasnt too bad today.

It was rare that Bai Liufeng was so cooperative and although he didnt know the reason, but he should still grab this opportunity to discuss the proper matters.

He instantly sat up straight and putting on a firm look he said, “Father-in-law, Ive already drank the tea so Ill just say what I have on my mind! Before I went to Northern Ice Fields to treat my illness, Id already sent someone to check on the dates and next month twentieth would be an auspicious day in the past hundred years, which is suitable for marriage matters.

Such a good day rarely comes across and its just nice that a Senior like you is around so please dont miss it! Im intending to marry Lier on that day officially, what are your thoughts on this”

Bai Liufeng had not even spoken when Huang Yueli cried out, “Next month twentieth That fast You havent even discussed this with me! How can you make your own decision”

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