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Chapter 2660: Still not back (6)

“Oracle What oracle” Everyone asked hastily when they saw Huang Siluo stopping.

She lowered her voice and said, “The oracle mentioned that thirty years from that day, which is today, will be the Oracle Day for Sacred Phoenix Race.

On this day, Sacred Phoenix Races long-lost clansmen will gain sufficient strength to break through the space barrier and return to God Realm.

A person who is the strongest and most outstanding talent would appear among our clan, and lead the entire Sacred Phoenix Race to regain their former glory…”

“Thirty years from that day… is today” Bai Liufeng frowned and continued to ask, “So that means today is the day that the Oracle proclaimed”

Huang Siluo nodded her head.

“Thats right! My Eldest Brother was originally the Number One Genius in the past ten thousand years.

His cultivation speed is extremely fast, and when he was just over twenty, he had already become a ninth stage realm peak practitioner.

But due to the existence of the space barrier, he could not ascend to God Realm.

Upon hearing the oracle, he was stirred up the most! Henceforth, he seemed to have turned into another person.

He kept going about to find ways to break through the space barrier.

One day, he finally read about the long-lost demon tribes secret technique – the Blood Moon Great Array!”

“For the past thirty years, he had been refining human races blood essence and spiritual root through the Great Moon Blood Array to gather large amounts of energy.

But in actual fact, he knew that just relying on the Blood Moon Great Arrays energy alone to break through the space barrier was far from enough.

However, because of the oracle, he insisted on holding the sacrificial ceremony today…”

Taking a slight pause, Huang Siluo stopped and looked at the Blood Moon in the sky.

The blood coloured moon kept on ascending, higher and higher…

Even though the speed wasnt very fast but it was stable and unwavering without any hints of stopping as it went straight towards the space barrier in the sky!

“Siluo, Siluo, what… whats the matter Quickly snap out of it!”

She heard Bai Liufeng and the others flustered voices ringing by her ear.

She then recollected her senses from the dazed state and continued to say, “Anyway, I thought that my brothers plan would fail.

The space barrier had been in Soaring Heavens Continents sky for more than ten thousand years.

Our Sacred Phoenix Races ancestors thought of many ways to break through the space barrier but all those methods failed.

How would my Eldest Brother, who used this kind of evil method which is devoid of conscience, possibly succeed The oracle must be wrong! But…”

She paused and revealed a lost expression.

“But from the looks of this, Im the wrong one! All these… are fated! What the oracle said is true! Lass Li and Li Moyings appearance had replenished the missing energy with their blood essence.

This had all been fated thirty years ago… No, perhaps it was already fated since ten thousand years ago.

Everything is fated…”

“No… Impossible! Its impossible! How can this be!! Lass Li, I shouldnt have agreed for you to come.

Father caused your death!!!”

Bai Liufeng couldnt stand the blow and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body convulsed, and his face turned greenish-black.

“Marquis Bai—!

Cang Po Jun and the others became anxious, but they were unable to move.

Bai Liufeng was originally seriously injured, and now that he suffered a mental blow, he seemed to have lost his desire to live.

His body functions instantly broke down.

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