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Chapter 2793: Spiritual Imprint (4)

Her clothes were practically drenched in sweat.

Her long, messy hair was stuck on her face and she looked rather disheveled.

But the imprint on her forehead did not disappear.

Her cross-legged posture was very standard and that showed that she was still in the process of comprehending.

However, endless fire attributed energy was dissipating from her body.

Moreover, her Profound Energy fluctuations also became exceptionally strong.

It was totally different from when she first entered the secret room!

Huang Zixiao sensed Huang Yuelis Profound energy and his face instantly revealed an astonished look.

“Ninth stage realm… ninth level! Heavens! How is that possible Shouldnt she just be at ninth stage realm fifth level When… did her cultivation… suddenly rise by so much! I had no idea at all!”

Little Phoenix also looked at its own Master with its mouth agape.

It was shocked by the Profound Energy might emanating from her.

“Female Devil actually… actually advanced so quickly! This..

what on earth is going on, Uncle She looks a little terrifying.

Will there… will there be any problem”

It had been training hard recently and Little Phoenix finally realized that Huang Yueli was such an adorable Mistress.

When it found out that she might be in danger, it was burning with anxiety and extremely worried.

Huang Zixiao didnt say a word but quickly walked next to her.

He stood in front of her and observed her in detail.

A little gold-colored flower would appear on the forehead of every single practitioner who entered the comprehension state.

Not only did it mean that they had a spiritual connection with the , more importantly, the imprint would also change according to the conceptualization level that they had comprehended.

Every single time they entered another comprehension stage, the gold-colored flower petal would increase by one.

Initially, Huang Zixiao was busy training Little Phoenix and he assumed that he knew everything within the inheritance tower.

So he didnt enter the secret room as he was worried that he might disrupt Huang Yuelis cultivation.

It was only at this moment that he finally realized something was not right.

So he started to observe in detail.

His eyes widened into full moons from this one look, and he felt dizzy!

The gold-coloured flower on Huang Yuelis forehead actually… had five complete petals!

Moreover, there was a faint sign of the sixth petal as a pale gold outline could be seen.

This meant that Huang Yueli had already comprehended the fifth stage conceptualization and was currently comprehending the sixth stage conceptualization.

Moreover, she already had a rough awareness of the sixth stage conceptualization! She might just comprehend it any moment now.

This scene was simply too astounding.

Even an experienced tower spirit like Huang Zixiao was completely stunned.

He could not believe that such a ridiculous thing could have happened.

“Impossible… it cant be…” Huang Zixiaos lips were twitching so much that he could not even make out his words clearly.

Little Phoenix also ran over and asked worriedly, “Uncle, what are you saying Whats impossible Female Devil she… surely nothing will happen to her right No, quickly think of a way to save her!”

Huang Xixiao had yet to recover from his shock and totally could not take in what Little Phoenix had said.

He only cared about observing Huang Yuelis situation.

No one knew better than Huang Zixiao on the difficulty of the fifth stage conceptualization.

For the past eighty thousand years, he had been multiple geniuses experiencing various assessments before they obtained the chance to comprehend the .

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