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Chapter 2840: Elder Visits in Person (2)

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When Huang Sanbai heard that, he frowned and interrupted anxiously.

“What did you say Lower realm practitioners can get into an accident when they ascend”

Steward Lu was shocked by his look and retreated a little.

Then he spoke out meekly, “Y..

yes! Elder Sanbai, didnt you know about this When lower realm practitioners ascend, they need to pass through the voice space! Along the way, there would be various kinds of dangers and it is also possible that they might die in the middle of their journey…”

Huang Sanbai was so shocked that his mustache stood up on end.

“What did you say Theres actually something like this!”

He didnt know anything about the ascension of practitioners.

To ancient God clans, 99% of those geniuses who were ranked in the top were mostly direct descendants in God Realm.

Lower Realms geniuses originally didnt have pure bloodlines and moreover, they were lacking in resources.

Even if they could barely ascend, they would be rather old and they wouldnt have much potential to drive out.

So to the clan, these people were simply a negligible existence and not many people would pay any attention to them.

But in fact, it was a difficult task for practitioners to come from the lower realm.

There was a 50% chance that some practitioners died on their way here!

Steward Lu briefly explained the situation and the more Huang Sanbai heard, the more shocked he got!

At the same time, he was started to feel a little uneasy.

This god grade genius had triggered the spiritual imprint in the slightly over two months ago.

Logically speaking, she should have ascended quickly.

But until now, she had not appeared in the Soul Connection Ocean yet…

Could there really be an accident

The more Huang Sanbai thought, the more suspicious he got.

So he descended from the sky and floated right above the ocean to check the various teleportation points.

He would also look afar into the void space, hoping to see the appearance of the clans god grade genius.

If there was any danger, he could also help to nullify it.

Steward Lu followed behind Huang Sanbai in fear and trepidation.

When he saw how anxious and agitated he was, he realized that he had said the wrong things and hurriedly followed behind to explain.

“Elder Sanbai, dont worry about it.

It would always be those ordinary human race practitioners who get into trouble.

Ancient god clans practitioners have pointers from their clan elders so they wouldnt get into trouble so easily.

Ever since my appointment here, Ive only seen… Elder Sanbai, where are you going”

Before he could finish talking, he already heard Huang Sanbai cursing out softly, “No good!”! At the same time, he leaped into the void space!

Steward Lu hurriedly followed after him to take a look.

He saw a female figure appearing in the void space indistinctly.

Her body was enveloped in a ball of golden-red coloured flame and she was floating in the darkness.

Her condition looked extremely terrible.

There were cuts and splits on her clothes and every single part of her was bleeding.

Based on the speed of her blood flow, if it was an ordinary person, that person might already have been turned into a corpse.

But this young lady was evidently still alive.

Her chest was heaving up and down and there was a strange protective Profound Qi around her.

If she had died that protective Profound Qi would definitely have dissipated.

Steward Lu took a few looks and immediately judged that this young lady was from the Sacred Phoenix Race..

There was a slight difference between the ancient god clan and the human races refined Profound Energy.

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