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Chapter 2888: Pass With Flying Colours (3)

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On the streets were various guesses regarding the search for people.

Huang Yuelis lips twitched when she heard that.

She tried her best to look as though nothing had happened and walked through the crowd, directly into a bookstore.

In God Realm, all big or small towns had book stores, and their businesses were flourishing.

The reason for their good business was because a majority of their books were different grades of cultivation methods and Profound Skills.

Of course, the real powerful manuals were most large forces secrets, and would absolutely not appear in common bookstores.

But God Realm was a place with numerous thousands of years of accumulation.

Furthermore, there were a variety of manuals, and was something that practitioners could easily purchase.

Even if they were common manuscripts, these were all valuable treasures to Lower Realm ascenders!

Compared to a majority of those manuscripts that they had come across in Lower Realm, these were much higher class!

Huang Yueli walked into the bookstore, and a waiter immediately walked up to welcome her.

“Welcome Sir, may I know what you want to order”

After he asked his question, he started to continue speaking before she gave him a reply.

“Right, from your dressing, I can tell that youre an ascender from the Lower Realm so you must be looking for God Realms cultivation methods and Profound Skills! Then you have come to the correct place! Our bookstore might be small, but we have all the best-selling cultivation methods and Profound Skills here! The might of it is extremely powerful! As long as you master the seventh form, your battle power will increase by at least two times!”

“The price is also very affordable and only costs nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight low grade spirit jades! How about it Do you want to buy a copy”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly.

“No need, I want a…”

“Looks like you think its power isnt strong enough! Sir, you really have good foresight.

We have even better Profound Skills manuals here! Look at this book, .

This is also one of the best-selling cultivation methods in God Realm! As long as you can achieve a huge realm, you will be able to…”

The waiter didnt wait for Huang Yueli to finish her words and immediately took out another manuscript.

Then he started to talk endlessly.

Huang Yueli couldnt help but frown and coughed several times to lure the waiters attention.

“…Sir, whats the matter”

Huang Yueli said, “I want that book on the shelf.

Please give me a copy!”

The waiter was stunned.

“What You want the ”

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

The waiter waved his hand and asked again, “Then, other than the , which other manuscripts do you want”

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“I only want the !”

The waiter looked as though he had just seen a ghost.

“What You only want the Whats wrong with you There are so many God Realms high level cultivation methods, but you dont want any of them.

You only want to buy that useless book Dont tell me its because youre too poor Surely not, right Dont all of you Lower Realm ascenders all carry a fortune”

Huang Yueli was speechless.

Did he really treat all Lower Realm ascenders as suckers

Would genuine God Realm high level cultivation methods be displayed like cabbages on the shelves for people to choose as they wished Did he think she had no common sense at all

When he wasnt able to push his sales, he claimed that she was too poor

Huang Yueli had already grown impatient, but she wasnt willing to expose herself.

Hence she could only try to maintain her patience.

“I only want that .

Can you hurry and pass it to me There are a lot of people queuing behind me!”

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