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Chapter 2903: Drift Apart (3)

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Lifting his head, he saw a bitter, cold glint in Li Moyings profound peach-blossomed eyes!

That eerie cold glint was like a dagger that stabbed deep into his body.

Li Tian Ers knees went weak and he immediately knelt on the ground.

“Young… Young Master… This Subordinate…”

He had never seen such a terrifying expression on Li Moying and instantly shivered with fright.

But he didnt understand what he said wrongly at all.

Every single time the Sacred Phoenix Race was to run into bad luck, the clansmen would gloat over their misfortunes and no one felt that there was anything wrong about this.

Li Moying swept a glance at him and his thin lips moved slightly.

“The Sacred Phoenix Races missing god grade genius… is This Young Lords wife in the Lower Realm!”

His sentence was much more terrifying than the heavenly thunder.

All the guards seemed as though they had been struck by lightning.

They looked at him in a daze, and couldnt recollect their senses for a long time.

Li Moyings expression was still icy cold.

“Lier is Your Lady so dont let me hear anyone speaking ill of her one more time! If we cant find her, I will not return to Cloudy Qilin Continent!”

By now, Li Tian Yi had already calmed down a little.

He stammered and said, “Young… Young Master, are you… youre not joking right”

“Y…Yes, this matter… you cant make a joke out of it casually!”

“Really… I was almost scared to death! So its just a joke I say…”

Quivering voices started to ring.

However, Li Moying merely said coldly, “Does This Young Master look as if Im joking with you This is as real as it can be! But no one is allowed to spread the word at all! Otherwise… This Young Master will make that persons life into a living hell!”

The guards trembled and hurriedly said that they wouldnt dare to!

In reality, they indeed didnt dare to defy Li Moyings orders.

They were assigned to be his subordinate and even if someone was initially not convinced, it had been over a year.

So everyone had witnessed Li Moyings shocking innate talent, courage, and insight.

So all of them were won over by him!

Now, they had truly served their allegiance to Li Moying and not to Cloudy Qilin clan!

No one dared to betray him, nor would they possibly do so!

But, they still felt that this was extremely unrealistic.

No matter how they thought about it, it seemed as though they were still dreaming!

What joke was this

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In the past ten thousand years in God Realm, the first two god grade genius that had ascended from the Lower Realm were actually a couple

Moreover, their Cloudy Qilin clans pride, Young Master Moying who had swept many women off their feet, was married at such a tender age He even married a young lady from their mortal enemy, the Sacred Phoenix Race

Even those storytellers on the streets wouldnt dare to make up a story like this!

Just as everyone was still in a daze, Li Moying had already repeated his arrangements.

Lastly, he added, “Well do this for the next two months.

If were still unable to find her by then, all of us will gather at Sacred Phoenix Continent two months later.

By then, well try to find other ways to look for her! Alright, grab hold of time, and lets move out!”

“Yes, This Subordinate understands!”

The guards cried out in unison and split up.

But everyone still felt as though they were in a dream.

Sacred Phoenix Races god grade genius was their Young Master Moyings wife…

Todays dream was too shocking and too frightening… how they wished that they could wake up from this quickly…

Li Moying utilized his body movements Profound Skill and led Li Tian Yi and Li Tian Er towards the perilous barren land.

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