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Huang Yueli sat up instantly and dashed out of the tent.

When she just stepped out, she tripped over something and almost fell to the ground.

Huang Yueli looked down and discovered that a human soldiers corpse was lying by her feet.

Blood was still spurting out from his chest!

Apparently, this soldier had just died!

Huang Yueli frowned but before she could respond, the sound of an airflow was suddenly heard from her back!

She subconsciously turned and a ray of flame flashed past!

Huang Yueli turned to the side and saw a devil soldier covered in flames crying miserably as he fell.

“The demon tribe actually managed to break into the campsite” Huang Yuelis heart jolted and hurriedly ran out.

The campsite was already in a state of chaos.

Borrowing the ray of the dim moonlight, Huang Yueli could barely see a large number of devil soldiers brandishing their broad swords in front of the campsites entrance charging in!

The allied armies soldiers were apparently caught off guard and did not manage to defend in time.

So in a second, many of them were either seriously injured or dead.

The human soldiers scurried around the campsite, and a number of them took out their weapons, wanting to fight back.

But in this dark night, the devils with incredibly strong senses gained the upper hand.

Ordinary soldiers couldnt even see the devils figures, not to mention fighting back.

The result was very limited.

Huang Yueli ran swiftly in the campsite and saw blood on the ground as well as the fabric on the tents.

The entire scene was no different from Hell.

While Huang Yueli was inspecting the campsite, several devils targeted her and suddenly sprang up from different corners to attack her.

But Huang Yuelis soul trace was exceptionally powerful.

Those silly devils ended up as her military merits.

Xia Yunxis voice suddenly rang behind her.

Following that, Huang Yueli was dragged to one side by Xia Yunxi behind a pile of haystacks.

This was a blind spot and was rather well-hidden.

So it would be hard to spot them.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Xia Yunxi.

“Yunxi, youre here! Its great that youre fine! Whats going on now How did the demon tribe break into our campsite”

Xia Yunxi said, “Ive been having a bad premonition today so even till late at night, I havent gone to sleep.

In the end, there was a commotion on the outside.

It was said that those soldiers on guard duty were killed! I knew that things were not going well, so I was about to rush over to take a look.

In the end, I saw the fire spreading in the campsite and a large number of devil soldiers charged into the campsite.

They were starting to kill the humans!”

Huang Yueli frowned deeply for moments after listening to what she had said.

“Things arent this simple! The demon tribe might have killed the soldiers on guard duty, but they shouldnt be able to break into the campsite so quickly! Ive checked the surrounding defense mechanisms and arrays around the campsite myself.

Even if the Sky Devil came personally, he would need to spend some effort before he can break-in.”

Xia Yunxi heard that and shook her head.

“I heard from the steward from the Supplies Station that as the defense mechanism was activated throughout the entire day, the consumption of materials and magical beast cores were too high! We didnt get any replenishment from Blessed City so we could only save up on the usage.

Divine Lieutenant arranged for the sentry guards to patrol the outside and when it was safer, they would turn off the mechanisms for a short while at suitable timings.”

Huang Yueli finally understood and said, “Looks like the demon tribe killed our sentry guards and took the opportunity while the defense arrays were deactivated and charged in.”

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