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This was Sky Devil Rui Zes cave after all and the surroundings were filled with a suspicious blood stench smell.

Although it seemed that Rui Ze was already dead, no one could confirm that no other dangers would not appear.

But their luck was not too bad.

Nothing happened during the entire process until Huang Yueli kept the devil stone and stood up.

“Moying, shall we go” She asked casually.

But Li Moying didnt reply to her immediately.

Huang Yueli was stunned and she looked up to find Li Moying gazing attentively at the three pill furnaces in the corner.

Huang Yueli might have run swiftly, but she wasnt able to make it in time.

When they reached the forest, the last Earth Devil slowly fell to the ground in front of Huang Yueli…

“Brother Jun, you… youre too much! You didnt even leave the last one for me!” Huang Yueli almost stomped her feet.

Jun Sihan threw a cold glance at her.

“This devils dirty hands are almost going to touch my Little Xi, so how can I leave any for you Next time if I meet with any devils who are tactful enough, Ill leave them for you.”

No matter how unconvinced Huang Yueli was, she simply couldnt accept this fact.

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