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Chapter 3495: Suspicious Person (6)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After Huang Sanbai interrogated the waiter and killed him, he decisively left Forest Shade Town and came to the dense forest to the west.

He guessed that Li Moying and Huang Yueli had discovered a hidden secret realm, and there was a high possibility that they were on their way to the secret realm!

This kind of speculation made Huang Sanbais whole body boil with enthusiasm, he couldnt wait to find Huang Yueli and immediately kill them, and take the secret treasure they found for himself!

However, he still managed to retain some reason.

After a short period of excitement, he gradually calmed down and knew that this matter could not be rushed.

Neither Huang Yueli nor Li Moying were easy.

If he acted rashly, he might lose it all!


However, he could no longer stay in Forest Shade Town and wait for news.

If Huang Yueli finds the secret realm early and enters it, it will not be so easy for him to find them.

Therefore, Huang Sanbai left Forest Shade Town while no one was paying attention.

He headed west for a while, and soon saw the corpses lying under the big trees.

Huang Sanbais experience was very rich, and he naturally knows that there are many dangers around here, and he cant go forward at will.

Just when he was wandering, not knowing whether he should go back first, he saw the figure of Huang Yueli and her group and immediately hid behind the tree.

Huang Yuelis guess was not bad at all.

Huang Sanbai originally thought of attacking while Huang Yueli was not paying attention, but seeing Li Tianer instantly turned into a stone statue, Huang Sanbai was frightened!

He huddled in the bushes without daring to move.

It was only when Huang Yueli and the others temporarily controlled the nearly collapsed array and were about to leave the area, Huang Sanbai moved a bit, ready to follow.

Who knows, just like this, Li Moying at the end of the team discovered the abnormality!

The moment Li Moying drew his sword towards his hiding place, Huang Sanbais heart almost stopped!

He never dreamed that the speed and power of Li Moyings sword had actually increased so much! Compared with the time he met him in Sacred Phoenix Continent a few months ago, there has been a qualitative leap!

Fortunately, Huang Sanbai was a strong practitioner of the Dao Profound Realm after all, so he managedto avoid the attack, however it was a close shave.

At this moment, he had already begun to deeply regret his underestimation and imprudence!

When Li Moying was in the early stage of the Heart Profound Realm, he was able to use the summoning of the Little Qilin to force him back, and he could also join forces with Jun Sihan to kill the powerhouses in the middle stage of the Sky Devil!

Now, Li Moyings cultivation base has clearly entered the middle stage of the Heart Profound Realm!

In addition, Li Moying also has a monstrous Huang Yueli beside him!

Although that little girl was young, she didnt cultivate as long as Li Moying, and she didnt get the family resources of the Sacred Phoenix Clan.

However, she was also a god-level genius after all!

Only Heavens know if her current strength has improved

Facing the enemy, Huang Sanbai wanted to kill both of them at the same time, which was definitely not an easy task.

Wanting to understand this, Huang Sanbai regretted coming here so rashly.

Once his identity is revealed here and Huang Yuelis vigilance is aroused, it will be even more difficult for him to kill them! Therefore, he can only choose to dodge as much as possible without exposing it.

However, the speed at which Li Moying drew his sword was too fast!

Even Huang Sanbai felt that he couldnt keep up with Li Moyings speed and was forced into danger by him!

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