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When Huang Yueli heard those words, her face showed an awkward expression.

"Ah It….

It's ok… we don't want to trouble you! We… We have the map in our possession..

When day breaks….

We should be able to find out way out….."

Bearded Captain frowned because he had not expected his proposal to be rejected.

He had thought, once he suggested the intention to let them tag along, this inexperienced young lady would gladly accept and follow them!

From this situation, it looked like she had some brains! Probably their academy teachers had taught them about such situations before they came out for training.

No matter how much he thought about it, she was still an inexperienced lass.

It was impossible for her to escape from their clutches.

Since the fatty meat was already at the mouth, if he would be an idiot if he don't eat it!

Bearded Captain gave a silent snort within but he still hung a smile on his face and said, "I say, little girl, this is your first time at the Dark Moon Forest right Do you know, even though this is the safety zone, there are still Magical Beasts prowling when night falls! Without an array master to set up a spell formation, without anyone to stand watch, plus your senior is seriously injured, just based on you, what can you do Hmmm"

"That's right!", a tall and slender soldier spoke out, "Think about it, the safety zone is so big.

When we set up a spell formation, when the Magical Beast passes by, it will only see the two of you.

Without a doubt, you will become their supper!"

This round, another fat soldier walked by, his attitude was extremely unfriendly.

"Alright everyone, stop flowing your kindness indiscriminately.

She doesn't want to accept it, just let it be! We don't have much energy to let these two useless people drag us down! If they want to die, just let them die! Don't be such busybodies.

So many people have died in this inner zone, how can we save everyone!"

Huang Yueli pretended to tremble when she heard the conversation.

These mercenaries were quite adept at using strategies, one acting as a black face while the other was a goodie-pie, using the carrot and stick approach just to make them join their party.

In their eyes, she reckoned that in their eyes, Li Moying was no different as a dead man, while she seemed like an ignorant young lady, waiting for them to take advantage of.

Huang Yueli had considered that they should be able to avoid a lot of trouble if the two groups do not camp together.

Unfortunately, it seemed that this was not possible now.

These group of mercenaries had their eyes on them, if they do not agree, there is a possibility that the mercenaries might use violence against them.

It was impossible for her to deal with more than ten Fifth Level experts at her current level, and there was no escaping because she still had to take care of the unconscious Li Moying, so… she could only agree to their suggestion.

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and pretended to display a shocked look.

In a small voice she said, "Then… then can my senior and I follow you Will it be too troublesome"

Bearded Captain laughed, "Of course! No problem at all!! Everyone knows that the Werewolf Mercenaries had always placed helping others as a priority!"

He had just finished his sentence when the fat soldier cut in, "Captain, you're forever so kind-hearted!.

We are mercenaries and we open our doors to make money.

You're forever saving those people who holds us back, and not to mention that we are wasting food on them.

What are we to establish our business in future We might as well change a line of business!"

"Ermmm… this….", Bearded Captain showed a perplexed expression, "They are still students… what does it matter to help them out"


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