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"That's right.

Looks like Third Miss is destined….

to be our Mistress….." Mo Yi sighed with emotions.

Murong Ni sneaked a look at the couple in each other's arms, kissing till death do them part.

Next she heard Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun's conversation.

Immediately her expression changed.

She gritted her teeth and etched her fingers deep into her palms suppressing her depressed feelings!

Whenever Senior Brother relapsed, didn't he not recognise anyone at all Didn't her father not dare to provoke Senior Brother as well

Why…..Why didn't he attack this vixen Why Did he really like her so much that under this sort of circumstances, he could still control his subconsciousness and not hurt her

Impossible, how was this even possible

Senior Brother must have not reacted in time.

Later he will use his sword and kill this slut! Definitely!

Murong Ni stared at them with deep jealously, and couldn't wait to pull Huang Yueli away from her Senior Brother!

She kept chanting in her heart: Senior Brother, quickly chop this vixen! Quickly chop her up!

But the scenario that Murong Ni had wished for never appeared.

Huang Yueli pushed Li Moying's chest, hoping to escape.

Li Moying hugged her really tightly, his strong arms and chest was like copper wall and iron bastion, completely unmovable.

The more Huang Yueli resisted, the tighter he held.

Just as Huang Yueli thought she was about to suffocate, suddenly the strong force around her waist disappeared.

She stood startled, not having reacted to what was going on.

The next moment, Li Moying totally fell towards her, his entire weight just leaned against her.

Huang Yueli was caught unawares and staggered from the weight, almost falling to the ground.

She quickly held on to him and shook, "Li Moying Li Moying! What happened to you"

Li Moying's weight fell onto her delicate shoulders, not making any movement.

Apparently he had fainted.

No matter how hard Huang Yueli shook, there was no response so she stopped shaking him.

She suddenly recalled the wound on the back of this man, had yet to recover! And earlier in the day, it had already ruptured once.

She wondered if it had ruptured another time when he was invincible earlier…..

She held her finger to Li Moying's nose to test for his breadth and heave a sigh of relief.

God bless, there was breathing…..

so his life should not be in danger for now…..

Mo Yi and the rest saw what was happening and quickly rushed over.

"Third Miss, Master… how is he"

"Yes Sister-in-law, how is Senior Brother….

Is he okay"

Huang Yueli said, "He seemed to have fainted, there's no response at all….

The pills I took from you earlier, he didn't even had a single one…..

has his condition worsened or had he gotten a little better"

"Third Miss, let's find a safer spot first and talk later."

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

This place was after all near the restricted zone.

Although most of the magical beasts had been killed, who knows what dangers might be lurking around

They must leave this place immediately.

Mo Yi lifted Li Moying from Huang Yueli's shoulders and Mo Er jointly helped to carry him.

The few of them walked speedily and left this corpses-filled forest.

The only safe zone nearby was the campsite where the Werewolf Mercenaries had set up their camps.

Even though a massacre had just happened, they had no choice but to head back there.


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