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The Crown Prince had already berated Huang Yueli several thousand times in his mind and supporting his shaky body and clenching his teeth, he tried his best to clear his reputation in front of the Emperor.

Imperial Father, please don\'t be deceived by her slanderous report! The situation was different from how she put it! I…I was bitter about the unbearable grievances so it was true that I brought my men to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to create a stir…..

but I have never ever plotted a rebellion! The Royal Treasury\'s incident was not due to me! It was….

all due to this slut Bai Ruoli…..

Empress also knelt down and lamented, That\'s right Your Majesty.

Mojun would never do this kind of thing!


Emperor was extremely frustrated by their endless crying and complaining!

Instead of coming up with evidence, all they could do was to lament! Did they think that he, as an Emperor, had no brains and was unable to tell between right and wrong

Emperor swept the audience with a chilly glance and said, Li\'er has already provided witness for her part, how about Imperial Tutor\'s evidence I am not someone who just listen only, but without actual evidence, how can I ascertain that what you\'re saying is the truth

This… this…..

The Crown Prince was dumbstruck.

During the battle that day, Huang Yueli acted almighty and arrogant and even admitted that she had trespassed once into the Royal Treasury and took away several valuables.

But she had not left any evidence behind.

Even the other Golden Scaled Guards who assisted the Imperial Tutor to attack Mo Yi, were all buried alive in the Treasury.

Imperial Tutor creased his eyebrows, unable to make anything out.

It was only at this juncture that they shockingly realised that they had unknowingly been led round in circles by Huang Yueli, falling into her trap!

It was obvious that since Huang Yueli removed all the valuable treasures, she was also afraid of being discovered so she had intentionally let the Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor out from the Treasury.

Her main aim… was to make them her scapegoat!

It was indeed their fault in the first place as they had intentionally lured Huang Yueli\'s bodyguard into the Royal Treasury so everyone would affirm that no matter what happened in the Royal Treasury, it was their wrongdoing.

No one would ever believe that Huang Yueli was the one who had taken away all the treasures and destroyed all evidence by burying it into the ground!

The Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor were not able to defend themselves but Huang Yueli had more to say.

The sides of her lips curled up ever so little as she slowly reported, There\'s another important proof and that is not many people knew about the self-destruction mechanism in the Royal Treasury, so why would it suddenly be activated the Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor keep insisting that I\'m the one who destroyed the Royal Treasury.

But I\'m not a member of the Royal family, so how would I know such a huge secret

Emperor was stunned as these words seemed to strike like lightning into his chest!

That\'s true, the self-destruction mechanism in the Royal Treasury was the biggest secret concerning the fate of the nation so how would a lass like Huang Yueli know about it!

On the other hand, Imperial Tutor and the Crown Prince were mostly likely to have a chance to obtain information about this secret, especially the Crown Prince as he had plenty of chances to enter the Imperial Study and obtain the distribution map of the mechanisms!

So the person who activated the self-destruction mechanism was definitely not Huang Yueli!

As for the Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor, since they had the guts to go to this extent and steal the distribution map from his Imperial Study, they must be up to no good and this evidently showed that they haboured plans to revolt!-

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