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Huang Yueli hid behind the tree and although her breathe was restrained to the slightest degree, she was still able to clearly hear the surrounding sounds.

Bai Ruo Qi and Zuo Fangping\'s conversation naturally would not escape her ears.

Following that, after Bai Ruo Qi moaned a few times and her qi turned thin like a gossamer, there was no more sound.

Isn\'t that just too strange!

Instinct told Huang Yueli that the person who was after her should have thought of another new method and….

the more terrifying part was because it\'s not any ordinary method.

In her heart….

a sudden crisis filled her heart!

Just at this moment, a bloody stench filled the air all the way till her corner.

When Huang Yueli smelled this blood stench, the alarms in her heart starting ringing non-stop and she suddenly recalled something that made her heart thump wildly!

Alas, it was all too late!

Zuo Fangping held the talisman in his hand and looking at the blood imprint that had formed a bond with the talisman, he lips curled into a sinister smile.

Whereas by his feet, Bai Ruo Qi had already entered a state of shock due to excessive blood loss as the whites of her eyeballs flipped over and she lay paralyzed on the ground, losing all consciousness.

The talisman in his hand was something that he had obtained many years ago in a mystic region which he was training in, and was extremely valuable.

The Blood Smelt Talisman was a God Relic used as a tracking device.

No matter how high the practitioner\'s cultivation was, they were unable to conceal their presence in front of the powerful Blood Smelt Talisman.

The only thing was in order to use this talisman, the limiting conditions were pretty large as well.

On one hand, it needed at least a fifth degree realm cultivator and on the other hand, it required a special primer to activate it – that was the blood from a kin! Moreover, it required a huge amount of blood, almost to the extent of drawing out the entire body\'s blood.

When Zuo Fangping captured Bai Ruo Qi, he had already prepared two plans.

If Huang Yueli were to worry about Bai Ruo Qi being tortured and automatically show up, that would be the best option.

However if she was not going to give in, then he still had another method.

And that was to activate this precious Blood Smelt Talisman!

Under the power of this talisman, how would a second degree realm practitioner like her possibly have the ability to hide

Once the blood imprint of the talisman had been set into shape, the clear blood red was especially striking to one\'s eye.

Zuo Fangping felt a heartache as he looked at the blood imprint on the talisman.

The people who could refine this Blood Smelt Talisman were extremely little and with every single use, there would be one lesser.

To use this on a second degree realm trash was a waste.

However, in order to show off himself in front of Murong Fei, he was ready to give his best!

Zuo Fangping threw out a talisman seal and pointed towards the sky.

The talisman started to move in the windless sky and drifted outwards.

Zuo Fangping\'s eyes shone as his lips curled up into a frosty smile.

Bai Ruoli, you little slut, aren\'t you really good at hiding Aren\'t you very capable Now, aren\'t you going to show your true self I\'d like to see where are you going to hide this round, how many tricks do you have up your sleeves and are you going to make your escape!

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth as she hid behind the tree, her mind was speedily thinking of ways to counterattack.

She felt that she was really unlucky, who had expected that she had almost fooled Zuo Fangping and yet he had to bring out a thing like the Blood Smelt Talisman!

Both Bai Ruo Qi and her are real cousins and their blood bond were not something that any cultivation method could conceal or diminish.

Because of that, with this Blood Smelt Talisman, her whereabout were definitely be exposed!-

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