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So when she was here earlier, the item that Liu Buyan was playing around with was this jade hairpin…..

As Huang Yueli\'s gaze grazed past the hairpin, she couldn\'t help but be attracted to it, so she took a few more glances at it.

It was undeniable that Liu Buyan\'s aesthetics view was rather outstanding.

Just from the intricate carving, design, colour from this jade hairpin, every aspect was splendid and magnificent, unable to find any flaw from it.

Although that Rainbow Spirit Crystal was small, but it had the magical touch of livening the phoenix, making it look like it was about to spread its wings and fly!

More importantly, she recalled that there was no Rainbow Spirit Crystals which were inlaid in any jade hairpin.

So this proved that this hairpin…..

was specially forged to become the carrier of the Rainbow Spirit Crystal.

She wondered….

If this was the work of Liu Buyan

Huang Yueli\'s eyes shone after she saw the hairpin and Liu Buyan suddenly spoke out, What\'s the matter Feel that this is pretty

Pretty! It\'s very beautiful! Huang Yueli naturally told the truth and gave her praises unselfishly, The carving is really marvellous, I wonder which outstanding craftsman had forged such a beautiful jade hairpin! But only this fine workmanship is able to match the Rainbow Spirit Crystal inlaid in the hairpin!

You know this is the Rainbow Spirit Crystal Liu Buyan raised his eyebrows.


About this…..

Huang Yueli suddenly realised that she had completely forgotten about her identity and had misspoken.

After all, an item like the Rainbow Spirit Crystal was unheard of even among many fifth or sixth stage realm practitioners!

She hurriedly found an excuse, I had….

seen a drawing in one of the books noting down the Continent\'s treasures and I\'m not really sure if this is it….

don\'t tell me it really is the Rainbow Spirit Crystal

Liu Buyan didn\'t investigate further and only took a glance at her before passing the jade hairpin over.

Put this on and let me take a look.



Huang Yueli was stunned as she thought she had heard him wrongly!

Was there something wrong with Liu Buyan\'s brain He actually passed such a valuable spirit crystal jade hairpin so casually to a stranger for her to wear

For such grade of treasure, even if it was one of the large sects in the Sky Emperor City it would be the most precious among all the treasures so they wouldn\'t let anyone take a single glance at it!

He simply just brought it out like this Wasn\'t he just too spendthrift

Huang Yueli couldn\'t help but creased her eyebrows as she tried hard to recall, could it be that Pill Masters were much richer than Armament Masters

When she received the Rainbow Spirit Crystal bracelet in her past life, as it was very valuable, she had always kept it carefully! Who would act like Liu Buyan in such a rich and imposing way

Liu Buyan saw her blank look as a smile slowly formed.

Why are you in a daze I asked you to put it on, didn\'t you hear me Tsk, to have a hearing deficiency at such a young age or you just simply don\'t understand human language

He was the one who wasn\'t talking human language!!

Since Liu Buyan was acting like a tycoon, then why should she feel heartache for him

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she received the Phoenix Jade Hairpin and put it in a slanted angle into her hair.

She had always been light with her fingers and had been deft in making herself look pretty.

Just a few movements of her wrists and she had already placed the jade hairpin into her jet black, soft hair which was tied up into a bun as she revealed a fair and elaborate face.

A few stands of fringe hung down from the corners of her forehead, adding on some charm.

And along with the jade hairpin which was stuck in her flowing black hair, the shimmer of that Rainbow Spirit Crystal in the phoenix\'s eyes, it made her look like a fairy that had descended from the heavens.-

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