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Senior Brother, don\'t be too anxious.

Based on the current situation, if there\'s no news about Sister-in-law, it actually is the best news.

If she were to meet with a mishap, we would definitely have found out but now that we\'re not able to find her, she had probably hidden herself away to hide from the enemy to some secret place.

Luo Jiyun gave a piece of his advice.

As Li Moying had not returned, Murong De sent him to urge Li Moying to return to the Sect about four days ago.

However when he reached here, seeing how distraught and despondent Li Moying was, he forcefully held back the words that he was asked to convey, not even mentioning a single word.

For the past few days, Luo Jiyun had also been helping to keep a lookout offering ideas.

Li Moying showed a disappointed face, Your saying is so simple! If she was really fine and knew we were searching for her everywhere, won\'t she just appear by herself Her refusal to appear in front of us means there must be some accident or perhaps when she left this place, she was already seriously injured or maybe the killer who pursued her had already brought her away!


Luo Jiyun\'s expression turned pale.

Of course he knew that what Li Moying mentioned was possible but he didn\'t want to bring this out now.

Senior Brother, Sister-in-law is so quick-witted, it\'s impossible that she would be brought away by anyone that easily…..

Just at this moment, a shuffling footsteps sound was heard from the door and following that, Mo Yi\'s anxious voice rang.

Master, Master! The people sent out two days ago brought back an important news.

They had met a highly suspicious expert in the town up ahead and he was possibly the one who captured Third Miss!

WHAT Quickly come in and speak clearly! Li Moying agitatedly stood up.

The room door opened and Mo Yi lent an arm to support a black robed Shadow Guard.

The Shadow Guard was obviously hurt and was not able to stand properly but still insisted on bowing to Li Moying.

Please accept my respects Master…..

How come it\'s only you alone Didn\'t we send out five people to check on this And you mentioned that you have the suspect… where is he Li Moying hastily questioned.

Master, I\'m incompetent….

I let that suspect ran away!

What Li Moying\'s brows knitted tightly together, The few of you had already advanced to fifth stage realm and your powers are not weak.

Even with the five of you, you\'re not able to capture the other party

Shadow Guards lowered their heads and ashamedly replied, Yes, that person\'s power is indeed very strong and not some ordinary fifth stage realm expert.

His cultivation methods and Profound Skills are much higher than the few of us by several times! We didn\'t expect the opponent to strike first so we were caught unaware as two of us were heavily injured.

Mo Liu and Mo Qi went after him but were injured by him so only I made it back to report this!

Just who was that How do you know that he is connected to Li\'er\'s disappearance

Shadow Guard secretly raised his head and took a glance at Li Moying but he pursed his lips, not daring to speak.

What on earth happened Tell me clearly!

Li Moying felt an uncontrollable surge of shock as a bad premonition arose within his heart.

Could it be that…..

something had happened to his Li\'er

Shadow Guard spoke as he trembled with fear, After that person had injured us, he left a sentence, Go back and tell Li Moying that his woman is already dead… that lass had died more than ten days ago.

Isn\'t he very capable But he was not even able to protect the woman he liked!

After having said that, the room went into a dead silence.

Li Moying stared deadly at the Shadow Guard in front of him as he clenched his teeth, his face deadly pale.-

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