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The presiding examiner clapped his hands and the crowd quietened down.

Since everyone is clear on the examination ranking rewards, then I shall explain the assessment contents in detail.

The assessment is split into three portions, namely to assessment everyone\'s power, skills and determination…..

The examiner explained in detail on the assessment content and style.

As Bai Ruo Qi already knew the information, her mind started to wander.

Truth be it, those who listened carefully to these details were practitioners from the surrounding smaller countries as these people were the most likely to be eliminated.

Those who were able to get a top ranking were mostly geniuses who were born in various powerhouses in South Sky Region.

They already understood Celestial Light Academy\'s assessment criteria while they were in their homes and some powerhouses even let their own geniuses practice in advance so as to guarantee their ranks and rewards.

Besides the elderly Vice Principal Ling, there were also several other people who were seated on the tall stage right in front of the public square, looking at these examinees.

Bai Ruo Qi looked afar and recognised one of them as Li Xue\'er\'s Master Tang Jinhua.

Although she didn\'t recognised the others, but she knew they must be some important figures in Celestial Light Academy.

It looked like the entrance examinations was rather important since it attracted several important people like Vice Principal Ling to personally come and take a look.

She must put up a good performance this time.

Just as Bai Ruo Qi was looking around, a disturbance could be heard from the direction of Celestial Light Academy\'s main entrance.

As though someone was arguing with the academy\'s guards, as the sounds of dispute could be heard distinctly from the public square.

The examiner noticed the situation and frowned as he ordered the person next to him, Go take a look at the situation Today is a big day for the school\'s entrance examinations and it\'s extremely important.

Go see if some other academy\'s students have come to create havoc

That person walked one round around the entrance and relayed the message, Seemed like someone was late and wasn\'t able to enrol on time but still insisted on taking the assessment.

The guards at the entrance refused to let her in so both of them had some arguments.

Examiner unhappily replied, Quickly ask that guard to make that person leave! Every year there would be some who were late and not able to make it for the examinations and every year it would be handled properly but why is there such a huge commotion this year

This year, Vice Principal Ling had specially drew some time out to take a look at the entrance examinations, so that he could pick out diamonds in the rough!

If the entrance examinations were handled properly, the examiner would be able to shine in front of Vice Principal Ling.

He couldn\'t allow anyone to create trouble at this juncture.

Yes, yes, I\'ll go relay your message immediately for the guards to quickly…..

The examinees below the stage had heard what happened and all of them looked curiously towards the entrance.

Some of them even started to discuss this matter.

Wa kao, who dares to create trouble at Celestial Light Academy, don\'t she want to live anymore

Didn\'t you hear what the examiner said That person didn\'t manage to enrol in time and wanted to gate crash to take the examinations! Ha, wishful thinking, where does she think this place is

That\'s right, my background is from the top ten families in South Yue Region and I must also obediently enrol on time Who does that fellow at the gate think she is If she angered Celestial Light Sect, in future, no other academy would dare to take her in!

Just at this moment, the disturbance from the entrance became even clearer.

Following that, the figure of a slender young lady slipped past from the door and rushed right into the public square.-

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