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But no one had expected him to cast out a Soul Fixation Pearl just because of such a small matter!

Ling Wenbin was extremely angry, Lei Zichu is too much, he doesn\'t know how to distinguish between the degree of seriousness! Just for a small matter, he actually dealt his Junior Sister with such vicious hand, without any regard for the safety of all other people present! Because of this Soul Fixation Pearl of his, so many practitioners on the viewing platform were seriously injured!

Jiang Tuxin saw Li Moying\'s doleful expression and he had already let loose a stream of abuse against Lei Zichu in his heart!

It was an exceptional chance that Young Sect Master had paid a visit and before he could show off his performance, it had been ruined by this fellow Lei Zichu!

In what light would Young Sect Master see him in when he saw the academy\'s Martial Arts Stage being blown to pieces!

Jiang Tuxin was so angry that his moustache stuck up, Lei Zichu, do you think that just because you\'re Lei family\'s Young Master, you are above the academy\'s rules and regulations I\'m telling you, this matter will not go to rest so easily!

After Lei Zichu casted out the Soul Fixation Pearl, he also suffered a backlash and his internal injuries worsened which made him spit out a mouthful of blood.

His looks looked even sorrier than before!

He had thought that after he threw out the Soul Fixation Pearl, Huang Yueli would die an ugly death!

Who\'d had expected that she was saved by someone

He had even used the treasure that his family gave him to save his life.

Moreover, he was risking the huge possibility of being expelled!

However, Huang Yueli was safe and sound

Lei Zichu was both shocked and angry and even though he saw Jiang Tuxin infuriated, he wasn\'t frightened of him a single bit.

Principal Jiang, what do you intend to do Expel me Think about it carefully, in our Lei family\'s history, so many disciples had joined Celestial Light Sect! My uncle Lei Dongyu is the main sect\'s number one protector! If you were to expel me, it wouldn\'t be an easy feat to explain to my uncle!

Jiang Tuxin was so angry that his head almost smoked fumes.

He\'d never expected Lei Zichu to be so daring to have committed such a huge mistake and still dared to rebuke him!

But what he said was right.

Lei Zichu\'s uncle, Lei Dongyu was a eight stage realm top exponent and as he was still young, there was a possibility that he would further advance!

If it wasn\'t for no choice, Jiang Tuxin actually didn\'t want to offend the other party.

Lei Zichu saw Jiang Tuxin\'s hesitation and revealed a smile.

He knew that if he used his uncle\'s name, he would be able to walk horizontally in Celestial Light Academy! Not many people dared to offend him!

However, just as he was bloating with joy, a chilly voice was heard from not too far away.

Principal Jiang will definitely not expel you! Because you\'re going to be a dead person immediately.

To expel a dead person….

there\'s no need to do so!

Lei Zichu turned his head and froze.

He was dealing with Jiang Tuxin earlier and it was until this moment that he noticed that the man who was hugging Huang Yueli had an extraordinary imposing manner and an extremely attention grabbing handsome face.

You… who are you You… You want to kill me

Lei Zichu wanted to laugh initially but Li Moying suddenly stood up and turned towards him.

The instance that sharp and penetrating eyes swept past him, Lei Zichu\'s smile congealed.

A chilling sensation arose from his heart.

Li Moying held the consciousness Huang Yueli tighter and single-handedly held on to her slim waist, allowing her head to rest upon his shoulder and leaning against his neck which made her more comfortable.

As though Huang Yueli could sense that she was leaning against a lean and robust man\'s body, which was safe and dependable, her lips rose slightly.-

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