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Regarding this….

this is the first time I\'ve heard too, that Miss Bai has interest in armament refining! Probably she\'s just here for fun only.

Just as they were conversing, suddenly they heard an uproar.

Tang Jinhua appeared on the stage once again.

Everyone, the one hour\'s rest time is up and the Armament Guild and Celestial Light Academy\'s Profound Weapon Chambers\' teachers have gone through the examination papers and had already marked every student\'s papers.

Now I shall announce the examination results!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Fang Zhihua, fifty three points; Zhu Ziyang, Sixty one points; Zhao Haicheng, forty five points...

As the various results were reported out by Tang Jinhua, the students who heard the results had mixed reactions, some were happy beyond words whereas some were dejected.

Everyone\'s marks were not considered very high and the number of people who had passed this round merely obtained sixty to seventy points only.

But this was after all a theory examination and if one had seriously prepared would still be able to get slightly higher marks so around half of the students had obtained the passing mark of sixty points.


Li Xue\'er, eighty five points!

The minute this result was announced, it immediately caused an uproar among the crowd!

That\'s just too incredible, eighty five points! How did she even do that

I heard that around thirty percent of the answers to the questions aren\'t found directly in the Armament refining ancient records and must make use of one\'s understanding to complete it! So to be able to obtain eighty points was already a very difficult score to obtain and Li Xue\'er actually managed to get eighty five points!

Heavens, no wonder everyone said she was an armament refining genius, she indeed is outstanding!

Even though those who usually disliked Li Xue\'er also couldn\'t help but admit that Li Xue\'er\'s score was indeed ridiculously high.

Similarly, it also meant that she had the potential to crush the other examinees!

Even President Hu and President Gong silently nodded their heads when they heard this score.

Tang Jinhua smiled as he said, Alright, the above are the results for this round\'s assessment! Congratulations to those who had passed the first round of the assessment.

Everyone let\'s show our congratulations to them!

The spectators started to clapped.

Li Xue\'er\'s face had a slight smile hanging on her face, enjoying everyone\'s envious glares.

But among the disorderly clapping, Huang Yueli\'s eyes widened in surprise.

Because she didn\'t actually heard her examination results!

What kind of situation was this Had her score been left out accidentally

Huang Yueli hurriedly walked upwards and enquired, Master Tang, what\'s going on Why wasn\'t my results announced

Tang Jinhua stood stunned as he hemmed and hawed, Ah Really Your results wasn\'t announced How is that possible Could you have missed it

As he was saying that, he kept winking at Huang Yueli, hinting her not to question any further.

Huang Yueli had understood his underlying hint but still continued to ask, I really didn\'t hear it! Will Master Tang please tell me again! At least let me know if I had passed the first round of assessment


Tang Jinhua\'s expression turned embarrassed as he didn\'t know what to say at this moment! Because he had intentionally not revealed Huang Yueli\'s results out as that result was really...

Li Xue\'er saw his awkward expression and her eyes lit up as she immediately understood what had happened.

Tang Jinhua was not willing to say it out so what other reason could it had been due to It must be because this wretched lass\'s marks was simply too low and totally unpresentable!

She immediately called out loudly, That\'s right, Master, I didn\'t hear it earlier too It seemed to really have been left out! Such an important assessment, it\'s much fairer for everyone to know what her marks are, we cannot bully Junior Sister Bai!-

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