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Chapter 42.2: Date

Yu Qingying showed up several times during early September to go through the school transfer procedures.

“I heard that something happened to her father.” Li Ge couldn’t wait to share the news with his friends, “Her father was arrested, it seems to be corruption or something.”

“Then where is classmate Yu going to go to school” Yao Yi still didn’t really understand the conflict between herself and Yu Qingying.

Li Ge later said that the curly-haired girl in the group was Yu Qingying’s neighbor, and so was another boy.

Yu Qingying always provoked the relationship between the curly-haired girl and the boy, and in the end she was approached and slapped.

“Who cares where she is going to school” Han Jiaojiao rolled her eyes, “Yi Yi, if a girl like her doesn’t suffer a bit, she will only harm more people when she comes out in the future.”


“Anyway, their family’s habits are not very good.” Li Ge followed his father and met some people before, including Yu Qingying’s parents.

The principal of No.

1 High School was also Li Ge’s father.

He needed public relations and he didn’t want to lose his principles, so he brought Li Ge along.

In the words of Li Ge’s father: “You are so chubby, others will know that our family is full of oil and water (TLN: rich), so some of our small actions will cause them to give up their own manipulative intentions.”

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Yao Yi took it in a daze, and walked slowly to the teacher’s office with a load of homework in her arms.


“Has Zheng Yue been dating someone recently” A teacher asked loudly.

“Mhm.” Zheng Yue’s class teacher responded with a serious face, “It’s because of the relationship that his grades have dropped so quickly.”

“I really can’t figure out what children are thinking now.

When they go to university, they will be free.

Why do they have to date now, affecting their studies.”

Yao Yi’s hand that was preparing to knock the door suddenly paused and she listened carefully to what the teacher said.

“Dating affects learning.

The logic is very simple.

Why don’t these children understand” Zheng Yue’s class teacher sighed, “His grades are getting worse by so much!”

Getting worse Dating

Yao Yi suddenly fell in thought.

“Come in.” The teacher heard the knock on the door and called Yao Yi to go in.

“Teacher, this is the homework that the class president was going to send over.” Yao Yi put a pile of homework on the table, and took a few steps back.

“Understood, now go back to class quickly.” The teacher was about to move over when the preparatory bell rang.

Yao Yi didn’t rush to the classroom, but walked slowly while thinking about something.

When the bell rang at the end, she walked into the classroom with the physics teacher just about to start class.

Yao Yi was not in the mood for class, and her mind was obviously distracted.

From time to time, she secretly took a glance at Fu Chuan next to her.


Who knew what she was thinking of, her delicate eyebrows and eyes were all crinkled, but they disappeared after a moment.

“What’s the matter” Fu Chuan looked at her, helpless, and turned his head to ask Yao Yi in a low voice.

“It’s nothing.” Yao Yi turned her head and looked out the window, as if she was not the one who had been peeking all this time.

After dismissal and evening self-study, Yao Yi was still thinking about something that took shape in her mind.

[Will dating affect grades ]

[How do you date ]

[How do you pursue people ]

As soon as Yao Yi returned home, she turned on the computer and searched for the answers one by one.

Most people still believed that dating would affect studies.

If Fu Chuan dated, then… his grades would drop, and she would return to the first place throne.

But who would date him Everyone was absorbed in studying, and Fu Chuan was still indifferent to almost everyone.

Yao Yi was a little anxious, her plan would die before it even started.

The girls in her class were all simple and serious students, and they were definitely not interested in dating.


Who can she find Yao Yi didn’t even bother to do her beloved math problems, she just wanted to plan on how to lower Fu Chuan’s grades.

But… Yao Yi looked down at the necessary steps for dating that were written in her notebook.

Would it be unfair to Fu Chuan if she did this

Yao Yi bit the tip of her pen, thoughtful.

In the end, Yao Yi suddenly had a flash of inspiration and thought of a good compromise.

Not only could it solve the problem of no one dating Fu Chuan, but it could also make up for the injustice to Fu Chuan.

The author has something to say: Guess what good method Yao Yao came up with.

冖 v 冖


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