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Chapter 70: Who's Playing Who

This Yang Han Lu is a demon.

I could care less, but I couldn't stand her humiliating Qin Lan and forcing her to drink her own urine, and I'm not even sure if Qin Lan actually did it.


And trying to kiss up to her, and be friends with her was something I couldn't do, I would rather just curse her to death.


This time she took my arm and dragged me to go shopping, I scolded her: "Can't you have a little shame"


She is probably used to being scolded by me, so she wasn't angry, and giggled: " Actually, I bet you actually like me deep inside, right Don't deny it."


I'm also used to her, but I really don't want to be near her, so I just shook off her hand: "I don't want to have anything to do with you, so please calm down and behave."


I walked away from her, and Yang Han Lu's face suddenly became cold: "I think you're the one who should behave.

Do you really want to force me to use Qin Lan to blackmail you"


My heart tightened and I immediately got angry: "What the ** is wrong with you Go away and drink some Banlangen." (TN: A Chinese tea that helps with illnesses.)


She stared at me: "I grew up not getting what I want, but now I get what I want, and I want to see Qin Lan suffer, and that Li Xin, I'll make it clear to you, once I'm bored with you, I'll finally be done with you."


I almost hit her, I've never seen such a person! This is a **ing illness, isn't it And you get what you want, ** you, why don't you just go to hell!


Qin Lan was right, she does have a collection obsession, she now wants me, she's just trying to fulfill her sick desires.


It's fine if you're shameless, but don't lash out on other people! I now reached a critical point of anger, and just remembered that Qin Lan was humiliated by her, my arms were shaking, I really wanted to slap her face.


I calmed myself down one last time, and forced down my anger, saying coldly: "I advise you to stop, even Li Xin is your target Do you know you're looking for death"


She was even more frigid than me: "I have no more patience to try and please you, I'm just trying to be happy, you should cooperate with me instead of looking for death yourself."


I stared at her for a long time, and she smiled softly again: "Well, see you later."


She walked away gingerly, and now I really had a lot of anger with nowhere to vent it.

I pressed my temples to think this over, and then gritted my teeth, and said okay, let's play then, I want to have fun too!


I did not go back to school, but traveled back to find the landlord.

By now, Yang Han Lu must have gone back to her rental.


As expected, I saw the lights on in her room.

The landlord's room was also lit.

I knocked on the door a few times and the landlord reluctantly opened it: "Xiao-Xiao, what do you want again"


I stuck my hand out: "Give me the key to Yang Han Lu's room." He was surprised: "What are you doing I can't do that."


I smiled: "I'll steal her underwear and give it to you." The landlord was shocked, then delighted, but shocked again: "No, no, no, she'd know that I was the one to do that, I wouldn't dare mess with her."


I said I would let her know that I stole them, and I wanted to test if she liked me.


The landlord was curious: "That's an odd way to try and......

are you sure you're not trying to do something bad"


I kicked him: "Do you want to make money to find your wife or not" He then hesitantly gave me the key, and also admonished me to not do anything illegal.


I didn't give a damn, I took a step upstairs, and then opened the door.

Yang Han Lu wasn' in the lobby, and I vaguely heard the sound of water from the bathroom.


I then sneered and walked towards the bathroom.

My footsteps were loud, and by the time I reached the bathroom door, the sound of water had stopped.


Yang Han Lu must have known that someone had entered the house, I wonder if she was scared to death.


I didn't care, I kicked on the door: "Yang Han Lu, I've come to deal with you."


Yang Han Lu did not respond, but the sound of water started again.

This really was Yang Han Lu.


However, I had an impatient look on my face, and my tone was angry: "Get out or I'll make you, bitch!"


Yang Han Lu finally responded, but giggled lightly: "I really didn't expect this, let me think for a moment.....

why did you get so brave all of sudden Is it because I said something about Li Xin Really you scare me, onto one girl then the next, is Li Xin more important than my sister


I let her talk wildly, my heart was quiet, but when I spoke a lot of anger leaked out: "I told you know you, you shouldn't mess with me!"


She did not say anything again, I continued to kick on the door, but then the door opened, my eyes shrunk, Yang Han Lu, half wrapped in a bath towel appeared in front of me.


Her hair was wet, her skin was fair as snow, and she had a flirtatious smile on her face: "Go ahead."


Although I intentionally visited her, she still surprised me like this, I took a step back: "You......"


She hid her mouth and laughed lightly: "What Are you scared" I said you are really too much.


She leaned against the door, revealing her white legs: "Go on, hit me if you have the guts, if you do not then leave, or...

do you just want to see me bathe"


I gritted my teeth, and finally pointed at her, warning her: "I give you one last chance, you better not appear in front of me again."


After I finished speaking, I left, and went to the balcony to take her panties that were hanging.

She laughed exaggeratedly, and was about to burst into tears: "You seem to really want to do something with me.

You really are a man."


I ignored her and left at a fast pace.


The landlord was already waiting, and I threw it at him, and he was pleasantly surprised: "Yang Han Lu didn't find out, did she"


I said I had found out that she seemed to like me.

The landlord was then relieved and hurried to put it away.


I walked away straight away, and went downstairs and looked upstairs, and Yang Han Lu was actually looking at me from the balcony with a smile on her face and the bath towel was slowly slipping off.


I showed an embarrassed expression, and left, her laughter came from far away.

Walking away I also laughed, now who's the fool.


The next day I went to talk to Li Xin as usual, but Yang Han Lu arrived here too.


I also half-expected her to come, and immediately blushed, a little uncomfortable.

She looked at me carefully and let out a quick laugh: "Do not care, the first is always the worst, please come back next time for more..."


When she said this, Li Xin and Xia were stunned.

I really did not **ing expect her to say in front of so many people, I immediately became urgent: "What nonsense are you talking about Shut up!"


Li Xin looked at her and then at me, and her lips were pursed.

Yang Han Lu stared at Li Xin, excitedly: "Okay, okay, that was a joke, but you took away my panties, so now I’m a little uncomfortable…, what to do..."


Li Xin was anxious, and when she saw my face become red, she was even more anxious: "What happened”


I did not answer, walked out with large steps: "Let’s take this outside!"


Yang Han Lu came out, but also with a pout: "What's wrong Li Cheng-gege" (TN: Gege typically means older brother, but in this case she uses it as a term for boyfriend.)


I pulled her a little farther away, then angrily scolded her: "That's **ing enough out of you! Last night I spared you, but you forced me to really deal with you!"


She poked me in the chest: "Come on..."


I clenched my fists, then sighed, "Well, I really wouldn't do anything to you.

I just beg you to be more restrained and to not hurt Li Xin."


She blinked: "So, Li Xin really is more important than my sister.”


I did not say anything, she took my silence as a yes, her voice was full of enticement: "Li Chen, Qin Lan really is no better than Li Xin, and no better than me, are you unable to let her go because she was kind to you"


I still kept my silence, Yang Han Lu let out a surprised gasp, she seemed excited: "Think about it, Qin Hao currently is holding her, if you don't let her go, you will be killed by Qin Hao in the future.

She is kind, but you can find another kind person."


I pushed her away: "Stop talking, anyway, just don't hurt Li Xin, she is my sister."


Yang Han Lu blinked againL "Sister ah......

no wonder.

Okay, I'll listen and stop bothering her, now, you just have to go coax her, hehehe."


She just left.

I watched her walk away, with a troubled expression on my face, and I crunched my mouth when she was completely gone, damn, finally.


I walked back into the milk tea store, Li Xin was sitting down dazed, Xia muttered to her on the side, once I came back, Xia immediately scolded me: "You pervert ah, how do you get involved with her again!"


I didn't even talk to her, and pulled Li Xin into the inner room, Li Xin wrinkled her nose, but she didn't say anything.


I grabbed her little hand after thinking about it and wrote in her palm: That woman was very dangerous, I have to take care of her, so that nothing happens in the future, believe me.


Li Xin froze and then gradually showed a smile, I squeezed her nose, she wrote in my hand again: You seem to have taken care of her very well, she is so stupid.


I was also smiling, but somehow my heart suddenly jumped, and I got a little worried, is Yang Han Lu actually stupid


She's not stupid, so why was I able to deal with her all of a sudden.

I frowned, but I don't know if she's playing with me, no, I need to be more careful.


Translator Notes: SORRY FOR BEING ABSENT FOR SO LONG, lost a little motivation over the week after people visited so I took a lil break, but anyways Yang Han Lu has been dealt with for now… hopefully that’s it from her, I don’t really like her character, I’m not sure if the author’ll try to redeem her or something, and I don’t remember disliking Qin Lan this much when she bullied Li Xin.

That’s it for now I’ll see you all laterrrrr, bye bye~~


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