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Such Great Talent (3)

She didn’t know if the dress she had at home was good enough for Natalie’s birthday banquet.

Although she didn’t care, and Natalie herself shouldn’t care, as Natalie’s friend, she didn’t want Natalie to lose face.

If all went well today, she could go buy a plain mage robe.

It was very formal for a mage to wear mage robes, and wearing it to attend Natalie’s birthday banquet would not be shameful, and even an added bonus.

When Anna arrived, there was already a forty-year-old mage talking to Teresa at the service desk.

Teresa noticed Anna and said something with a smile.

The mage hurriedly looked over and locked eyes with Anna.

His eyes lit up, and he ran to Anna like a gust of wind.

“Teresa said you took on my task, right” Dawkins said excitedly, “Finally there’s someone else that took it on; do you know the last time a mage disciple was willing to help me It was six months and five days ago! Heavens, I don’t know how I’ve been able to survive the past six months, it’s been so miserable, so miserable…”

Anna didn’t expect this mage to be so enthusiastic.

When he finished talking, she said, “I’m not sure if the extract I made is suitable, so…”

Dawkins interrupted her and said sternly: “Of course it meets the requirements, why wouldn’t it If I say it meets the requirements then it meets the requirements!”

Anna couldn’t help laughing; this mage’s need for “assistants” was too strong.

“Why don’t we go to the potion lab and try it now You’re preparing a new potion, and the raw materials should meet the requirements.

Otherwise, your experiment will be affected, and your money will be wasted.” Anna said.

Dawkins nodded solemnly: “You are right…but I just know that you will be very good at making extracts.

Even if you fail at the beginning, you will definitely succeed soon.

I am optimistic about you!”

“Very good at making extracts”.…..

This is him clearly catching an assistant and unwilling to let go, right

Anna briefly greeted Teresa and followed Dawkins to the potion lab.

The potion lab Dawkins rented was different from the one Anna usually used.

There was a system of  spell circuits outside to prevent the effects of explosions or the spread of toxic and harmful gases in the pharmacy to the outside.

According to Dawkins, he had been renting for a long time, and everything in this potion lab was his.

Anna went in to take a look and nodded.

This messy appearance was indeed what a long-term rental should look like.

On the test bench sat washed and unwashed glassware.

Some of the residual liquid in the beakers were still bubbling and had strange colors.

The floor was colorful and full of bumps and hollows, and covered in scratch papers and broken potion ingredients.

There were also some items that she had no idea what type of trash to classify them as.

“Haha, it’s a little messy, I’ll clean up, clean up.” Dawkins noticed Anna’s expression and laughed awkwardly.

He didn’t expect to find someone to help make the extract today.

He was so excited that he forgot the situation in the pharmacy, otherwise he would have definitely cleaned up well before bringing people in It was hard enough to find an assistant, he hoped he didn’t scare her away!

“I’ll help you.” Anna didn’t feel right watching a two-star mage clean up while she sat and did nothing.

“No, no, you sit first.” Dawkins looked around and found that all the chairs were occupied by his pile of things, and none of them could easily be removed.

He couldn’t help blushing.

Anna smiled and said, “Let me help you.

It’s faster if we clean up together.”

Seeing Anna’s insistence, Dawkins had no choice but to let her help clean up.

After a quarter of an hour, the potion lab was roughly restored to its initial cleanliness.

Anna looked at the fruits of her labor with satisfaction, when unexpectedly Dawkins suddenly reached out a hand.

He grabbed her hand and stuffed something into her palm, and then he let go and quickly moved away as if afraid that she would give it back to him.

He said: “This is the deposit, you can’t go back on your word once you accept the deposit!”

Anna saw five gold coins lying in her palmShe lamented that it was not easy for Dawkins to find an assistant, and at the same time lamented how easy it was for a mage to make money.

She originally just wanted to earn enough money for a mage robe today; she didn’t expect to already earn enough money for the promotion exam.

Knowing that Dawkins was afraid that she would run away, Anna did not delay.

She accepted the gold coins and said, “Okay, Mage Dawkins, I will write you a deposit receipt later.”

“No, no, no! Who would be greedy for this kind of money!” Dawkins said very generously, and then said a little nervously, “Tell me what other requests you have, we can work it out.”

“Why don’t I make the extract for you to see first.” Anna said, “I made a few units yesterday and put them in the management office.

I’ll go get them now.

You can wait here.”

“I’ll go with you!” Dawkins said hurriedly, as if he was afraid that Anna would never return.

Anna still had to buy raw materials, and it was inconvenient for her to carry them back at one time, and she understood Dawkins’s nervousness, so she agreed.


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