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Chapter 102: Fasten Your Seatbelt

Outside the World Tower.

Mi Lailai, the first person to leave the tower, appeared to have recovered.

Every now and then, he would hear reports from others that they did not see the target leaving the tower.

He mumbled in puzzlement, “Just how many floors were they going to climb”

Cheng Qiaoyi and Skinny Boy, who trained diligently every day, would occasionally go outside the World Tower to take a stroll.

They mumbled, “Its been a few days.

I wonder how many floors they have to climb.”

Yao Shi, who had been forced out of the tower by the speed mechanism, was filled with dread.

He could not help but think of the enigmatic Mr.


“It had been so long, and there is still no movement,” he muttered to himself as he looked out the window.

“Please do not tell me they will climb two to three hundred floors!”

The noisy couple had recently been quarreling at a much lower frequency.

Even though Zhang Wei did not believe Wang Wen had left the tower ahead of schedule, they knew that their accounts contained more than 100,000 points.

Money could not stop people from fighting.

However, it has the potential to resolve many of the issues that have led to disagreements.

The two had a peaceful time and often talked about the captain who had brought it to them.

“When he comes out of the tower, we must treat him to a meal.

Until then, the last member of Wang Wens team to emerge from the tower was Liu Bei.

He was very powerful.

Not only did he live on the 300th floor, but he also contributed hundreds of special arrows to Wang Wen.

However, he was also the person who had suffered the most severe injury so far.

He was lying unconscious in the hospital.

It was unknown whether Wang Wen would come out of the tower first or if he would wake up first.

Many people appeared to be waiting for Wang Wen to leave the tower.

Wang Wen was still hooking up with Mo Ran at a leisurely pace in the tower.

The team did not know how skillful Mo Ran was.

However, they had a rough understanding of how terrifying his strength would be if he could reach the 439th floor.

They broke through the 80th floor by brute force.

Mo Ran announced the start of the checkpoint as soon as the last member of the team was assigned.

The refined young man who had just walked out of the door could only agree to the selected mode.

Then it was Mo Rans turn to perform.

He said nothing about tactics or logic.

He smashed through the entire floor with his iron fists.

He actually cleared the 80th floor in that manner!

The entire procedure took less than ten minutes.

Wang Wen, who was looking for hidden items everywhere, did not have time to search every corner where items might appear before being informed that the next level entrance had been opened.

Failure to comply with the time limit would result in punitive teleportation.

He rushed to the entrance gloomily.

He noticed Mo Ran standing quietly at the entrance with a cold expression on his face.

The newcomers around him were not used to seeing that and were doing their best to help him.

Zhu Xingguo sighed.

“Was that the strength of a god Its too scary!”

Ren Ruoruo handed him a glass of water and said, “Boss, its been hard on you! You must be tired after fighting so many metal lumps, right”

That time, they encountered an environment that leaned toward the technological side.

The majority of the enemies were robots that were hard from the inside out, and Ren Ruoruo jokingly referred to them as metal lumps.

Even when confronted with a laser-armed robot, Mo Ran waved his iron fist and charged forward, pushing the robot with brute force for no apparent reason.

That was the main reason he could conquer the surrounding crowd quickly.

Even the new tower climber, the refined youth, was taken aback.

He carefully asked, “Excuse me, did I enter the wrong place” After watching the entire process in a daze, he asked, “Which consortium are you from”

No one answered him.

Mo Ran ignored everyone as usual.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo saw their captain approaching and quickly went up to him.

Wang Wen said gloomily, “It was not hard at all.

I did not find anything at all.”

He looked at Mo Ran and said unhappily, “Do you have to be so extreme You cleared the level in less than ten minutes”

Mo Ran said expressionlessly, “I helped you clear this level and settled my debt of gratitude.”

“Ten million!” Wang Wens tone was strange.

“You want to clear it in one level”

Mo Ran raised his eyebrows and looked up at him.

“Then how many levels do you want”

Wang Wen looked at the rookie staring at them in a daze.

He put his arm around Mo Rans shoulder and took a few small steps to the side.

He chuckled twice and said, “To be honest, youll have to wait for people again when you get to the next extreme level anyway.

Why dont we just go up in one go as a team

“You know my strength.

Im in a hurry too.

You take care of the extreme levels, and Ill take care of the other levels.

Well work very quickly together.

“With your strength, others might be unable to keep up with your pace! If you meet an experienced tower climber, they might get you killed!”

Mo Ran was slightly stunned.

He thought that Wang Wen would use the number of levels to trick him into working for him.

He did not expect Wang Wen to be so objective.

The two of them had fought before.

Mo Ran knew how strong Wang Wens spiritual power was.

He was leaning toward the combat department.

If he could have a spiritual master to cooperate with him, not only would his progress be accelerated, but the process of clearing the level would be made more comfortable.

So when he heard what Wang Wen said, Mo Ran was a little tempted.

He asked, “How fast can you be in the other scattered levels”

Wang Wen knew that there was a chance when he heard that.

He patted his chest and said, “It wont be slower than you going on the extreme levels.”

At the end of the discussion, Mo Ran finally agreed to give it a shot.

He had spent a lot of time in the lower tower without his usual teammates.

He was definitely nervous.

If he could team up with Wang Wen, who might be faster than himself, it would be a good decision.

They returned to the entrance.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo stood by as their captain enticed the god to join his team.

For a long time, they could not return to their senses.

There was only one thought in their mind.

They had formed a team with the big boss from the 439th floor They would climb the tower with the big boss without any plot twists

Their expressions were filled with shock.

That sensation was similar to an internet novelist who received a large subscription after only a few sentences.

Happiness arrived far too quickly.

There was an air of inauthenticity in the air.

Were all big bosses so approachable, kind, and eager to assist newcomers

Before Zhu Ren and Ren had a chance to recover from their shock.

They heard the captain ask the refined youth, “Whats your name Whats your highest floor”

The youth said, “My surname is Wang.

I just passed the 150th floor.”

Wang Wen reached out and shook his hand.

“Hello! My surname is Wang too.

The 150th floor Alright, alright, alright.

Then fasten your seatbelt; were ready to set off.”

The scholarly youth was dumbfounded.

He was pulled into the entrance before fully comprehending that sentences meaning.

After that, he quickly understood.

Starting from the 81st floor.

Wang Wen appeared to have become more serious with Mo Ran by his side.

He was no longer looking for relics, and his thoughts were on charging into the tower.

Apart from the speed mechanism and the time-limited secret room, the rest of the levels flew by in the blink of an eye.

He used his spiritual impact to violently break through the illusion, especially on those levels where it gradually appeared.

When he was fighting the entire level, he became as unreasonable as Mo Ran.

He did not even stay long in his favorite place.

He quickly refilled his ammunition and opened the door.

At most, he could not help but take a bath and eat a meal to satisfy his craving after seeing the clean and clear water of the stream.

Everyone felt as if they were driving a race car on the track.

They rose quickly, despite the constant sensation of pushing their backs.

Mo Ran, who was pleased with Wang Wens fighting spirit, changed to a faster pace on the 90th floor.

They had to waste time staying in a room on the 99th floor for 10 hours.

It was such a waste of time.

There were no traps or enemies.

They would usually finish at the 98th floor and leave if it were not for the climbers who wanted to climb hundreds of floors.

As a result, many low-level climbers would be filtered out after that floor.

Wang Wen and the others had to climb a hundred floors.

Even the young man, surnamed Wang, had no intention of leaving the tower.

Of course, given that teams ferocity, no one would be willing to leave the tower at that time.

As a result, everyone unwinded, ate, drank, closed their eyes, and rested.

They used those peaceful ten hours to rest and recover in preparation for the next hundred floors.

Then, 10 hours passed.

The 100th floor.

Gravel was everywhere on a desolate landscape.

That was the main thing in that world.

The occasional gust of wind was colored.

The sand had brought up the dry, bright yellow from the ground.

Water was the most valuable resource in that place!

Five figures appeared from the air at the sands edge.

As soon as they landed, someone hugged their stomach and shouted, “No, you men had bottles to solve the problem.

Im a woman, and Im about to explode!”


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