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Chapter 118: Not A Mage

Mo Ran had underestimated Wang Wens self-discipline.

He did not play until he was hungry.

Wang Wen only played for a little more than three hours, possibly because he remembered he still had work to do.

All of the citys mages flocked to the association during that time to witness the miracle.

After hearing the news, even the city lord could not help but rush to investigate.

The lead guard, Bei Daokan, who was accompanying him, was stunned to see Mo Ran and the others.

He never expected that the people who caused such a big commotion were the few brave warriors who had registered to join the army at the city lords residence not long ago.

When Bei Daokan saw that scene, he quickly approached Mo Ran to find out what was happening.

Mages were different from ordinary, brave warriors!

Those elite troops needed to report to the Alliance Armys commander-in-chief for a unified placement plan.

It was impossible to send them to the battlefield as soldiers on the spur of the moment.

If those people were mages, the process of joining the army would not be so simple.

The outcome was unmistakable.

Mo Ran made it clear that those people were not mages.

Bei Daokan regarded Wang Wen suspiciously as he descended from the stone pillar in a cheerful and lively manner.

He had the impression that those people were deceiving him.

It was not easy to communicate with the cold Mo Ran.

He simply used his identity as a member of the city lords guard to push his way through the crowd and to Wang Wens side.

At that moment, Wang Wen seemed to have returned to his past life.

Many men and women, old and young, surrounded him and asked questions.

Bei Daokan went through a lot of trouble to get close to Wang Wen, and he interrupted the others words.

He asked anxiously, “Mr.

A, its fate that we met.

I think I did not do anything wrong in the city lords mansion.

Why didnt you tell me youre a mage”

Wang Wen was stunned.

“A mage Im not a mage.”

Bei Daokan pointed at the stone pillar and said, “Dont tease me.

Everyone knows that the Mage Association specially designed that stone pillar for mages to cultivate spiritual power.

Your actions today have attracted the attention of all the mages in the city.

Theres no need to be modest!”

“Im not a mage.” Wang Wen could not help but laugh.

After thinking for a while, he looked around before suddenly charging into the crowd.

That crowd was centered around him.

Wherever he charged, the crowd would automatically disperse.

No one blocked his path unhappily, unlike Bei Daokan.

The people smiled kindly and asked, “How are you feeling Hows your spiritual power How can you last for so long”

Wang Wen did not have time to answer those questions.

He rushed into the crowd and ran straight to the female mage.

He grabbed her arm, pulled her to Bei Daokan, and said, “She can testify that Im not a mage.

Im just an ordinary person!”

The female mage, caught at the last minute, was about to explode.

Faced with Bei Daokans solemn expression and questioning eyes, she wanted to cry but had no tears.

Of course, she recognized the famous lead guard, who stood beside the city lord.

However, what should she say

“I dont know! I dont know anything!” The female mage said it with a sobbing tone.

“Didnt you say that the stone pillar was specially set up for mages and advise me, an ordinary person, to put aside my curiosity and not try anything” Wang Wen recalled carefully and tried to repeat as completely as possible what the other party had said.

Bei Daokans expression froze; he stared solemnly at the female mage and said, “You can see his magic level clearly, right Are you sure hes not a mage Ill state that he had already registered to join the army.

If hes a mage, that means a mage has volunteered to go to the front line.

This matter needs to be reported to the commander-in-chief of the Alliance Army, and he will decide it himself.

Can you stand by what you said”

The female mage was terrified after hearing that the situation was so severe that even the alliance army had mentioned it that she almost cried on the spot.

She shook her head, waved her hands, and retreated like a newcomer making her debut.

She said, terrified, “I am not sure! “I am not sure about anything!”

“This…” Bei Daokan looked at Wang Wen with a troubled expression.

“Im not afraid to tell you that the morale of the Alliance Army at the front line was very low now.

If a mage truly volunteered to join the army on the front lines, even if it were extremely dangerous, it would definitely improve the armys morale greatly.”

Wang Wen asked, “I had heard that the situation is dire.

Everyone should have enlisted in the army a long time ago.

Are there still people who refuse to go to the front lines Is there really a ruling class that could simply order people to the front lines What made you feel so bad”

Bei Daokan looked at the city lord, who was silently observing the crowd from afar.

He shook his head and sighed.

“Im not clear about that.

I only know that if we force the mage to the front line, the morale will probably be even lower.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

How could there be people the ruling class could not deal with

There were not many methods that could be used, right

If it were a ruler outside the tower, not a single mage would be able to escape.

Furthermore, everyone who went to the front line would definitely be okay with it.

Were those people in that place stupid

However, Wang Wen did not say much.

If they were in Rome, they should do as the Romans did.

Perhaps those people were simple and honest.

At that moment, all he could think about was…

How could he get rid of that big rock

That thing was too exciting!

The few hours of cultivation had made him unable to stop.

If it were not for his strong self-discipline and realizing that he still had things to do, he would have been addicted to it.

To Wang Wen, training was training.

A persons inertia would tell them that enough was enough, but if he wanted to improve, he had to constantly remind himself that not enough was not enough.

He did not need to remind himself when he was training with that stone.

He only had to hug it tightly.

Simply describing the word was insufficient.

He looked around, ignored all the questions, and walked to Ma Changsi.

He asked the trembling old man, “How did you make that stone pillar Is it something I can learn”

Ma Changsi had a complicated expression when he heard that.

He shook his head and said bitterly, “The god-absorbing stone was the masterpiece of the continents top mages.

Unless he personally teaches it, no one will ever know.”

Mo Ran and the others were forced into the crowd and walked to Wang Wens side, looking at him curiously.

While waiting, everyone had been eating, drinking, and resting for the past three hours.

They even napped.

They were very active at the time.

At the very least, they were more powerful than the many mages who were watching.

They did not look at mages.

It seemed like they were not the ones who had their spiritual energy absorbed for three hours.

Mo Ran poked Wang Wens arm and asked quietly, “What do you mean Are you interested in that rock”

Wang Wen blinked at him and smiled mysteriously.

“I think Im breaking through to the Broken Might level.”

Mo Ran waved his hand impatiently.

“Do you have to go that far Youve been showing off all that time! When I break through the Broken Might in combat, Ill drag you along and talk about it all day long!”

Wang Wen smiled mysteriously at him.

“Its not for poison making.”

Mo Ran was impatient.

“Is it that skill stone Is it doing that”

He suddenly stopped and looked at Wang Wen in horror.

He asked in bewilderment, “Are you saying What the f*ck! What the f*ck! What the f*ck! What the f*ck was that!”

Mo Rans whole face twisted.

Jealousy almost filled every pore on his face.


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