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Chapter 123: Lack The Demeanor Of An Expert

The Mage Association had a training ground where its members could practice their skills.

The arena was temporarily used for the duel at the time.

Ma Changsi and the others did not expect Wang Wen to accept the duel wholeheartedly.

They happily watched the lively scene because they had nothing else to do.

Only Wang Wen, who was in the arena, knew how much he was in a hurry.

As a result, the top apprentice gritted his teeth and yelled, “Fight!” He took the initiative and threw a fireball at Wang Wen.

The other man flashed across the field like lightning.

He dodged the fireball while sending out an attack with a stool leg.

The stool leg accurately hit the opponents head.

Before the top apprentice could cry out in pain, Wang Wen had already arrived in front of him.

The corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

“Ill beat you until you sh*t yourself today.”

Before he finished his sentence, the figure rushed forward, raised his wrist, and punched him.

A series of precise attacks from a tricky angle had numbed half of the top apprentices body.

When he could not stand steadily, he was pulled into Wang Wens embrace, where he ruthlessly and accurately closed the gap.

The entire scene was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

One by one, the surrounding mages opened their mouths wide in a daze.

Wang Wen was afraid of wasting time.

He would beat them to death the moment he made a move.

That was his usual close-range killing technique.

So far, none of them could stand up after the entire set.

If it were not for the fact that his body was not strong enough at that moment, his opponents internal organs would have been shattered.

Even so.

The top apprentice was already lying on the ground, on the verge of death.

Seeing Wang Wen raise his leg, wanting to end all grudges, the top apprentice was so scared that he wet his pants.

He spat out blood and kept moving backward.

He cried weakly, “Its a duel between mages; how can you beat me”

His master also reacted at that time and ran to his side in a panic.

Seeing his beloved disciples miserable state, the masters blood vessels almost burst.

He glared at Wang Wen and shouted, “A magical duel! Why are you using punches and kicks Are you humiliating the Mage Association”

Wang Wen spread his hands innocently.

“Otherwise, what should I use I am new and dont know magic.”

The top apprentice, who could barely sit up with the help of his master, spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted stubbornly, “If you dont know magic, you should at least have spiritual power! You should know the most basic spiritual impact, right Thats still more aboveboard than fighting!”

“Are you sure” Wang Wen asked with a strange expression.

“I know little about spiritual impact, but are you sure”

The top apprentice was about to speak.

The master reached out to stop his disciple.

He recalled the scene of Wang Wen hugging the stone pillar for three hours.

He reckoned that the other partys spiritual power was not simple.

He immediately changed his tone.

As he asked the association staff to carry his disciple off the stage to be treated, he yelled at Wang Wen angrily, “You broke the rules of the competition.

You have lost this duel!”

Wang Wen shrugged as he looked at the top apprentice who was on the verge of death, his face pale and his mouth full of blood.


He did not understand the meaning of winning or losing.

That winner seemed to be about to die, anyway.

Therefore, he asked curiously, “So What happens if I lose”

The master snorted coldly and said, “The loser apologizes.

In the future, if you see us, take a detour and dont fight us for the rewards.”

Wang Wen shook his head in amusement.

“I did not want to fight with you guys.

Didnt I say that I would give one to you guys”

The master seemed to be planning something.

He sneered and said, “Its different now.

Youve lost the duel, and we want all the rewards.

Dont even think about it.”

“No one accepted the reward before, but you want to snatch it now.” Wang Wens expression was indifferent.

“Are you deliberately picking on me”

The master lowered his eyes slightly and looked at him.

“You beat my apprentice to such a state.

If I dont avenge him, how can I be his master”

Wang Wen asked calmly, “If thats the case, your apprentice challenged me to a duel just now.

Now its my turn to challenge him.

Its only fair for each of us to have a duel.”

“You used despicable and illegal means to injure him seriously.

He can ignore your duel.” The master sneered.

“Its all up to you, right” Wang Wen raised his eyes and looked at the other party playfully.

“Then I think I can only challenge you to a duel.

Will you accept it”

The master laughed loudly.

“Thats what I want! The association stipulates that high-level mages cant initiate a duel against low-level mages, but low-level mages can challenge high-level mages.”

He took out a short staff from his robes belt and took a stance.

“You beat my disciple so badly.

Ill cripple one of your arms and legs today.

Otherwise, itll be hard to eliminate the hatred in my heart!”

Wang Wen mumbled to himself, “Its a pity that Old Mo was not here.

Otherwise, he wouldnt miss such a good opportunity.”

“What did you say” The master waved the short staff and set up some sort of formation around him.

The air seemed to be slightly distorted.

“Nothing.” Wang Wen raised his head and said, “Then, can I attack Spiritual attack is not against the rules, right”

The master finished his arrangement.

He sneered and said, “Dont think youre amazing just because you know some martial arts or spiritual power.

Today, Ill let you understand what insurmountable rank suppression is! Dont waste your time.

Im a fourth-tier mage.

You can use whatever you want.

Martial arts or spiritual power, whichever is fine.

Lets watch how Ill break your bones!”

Wang Wen nodded.

He closed his eyes.

He closed them for a long time.

After all, his opponent was a fourth-tier mage, and he sounded powerful.

Wang Wen did not understand the level of strength in that environment.

However, the tower climber was cautious, and he had to go all out just in case.

He wanted to see what a full-strength blow from a master of spiritual power who had broken through the Broken Might level looked like.

Five seconds later.

Blood began to spurt out of his nasal cavity ahead of time.

He would hurt himself before he hurt anyone else.

That was also why Wang Wen usually did not like to use his spiritual power.

It looked too inferior.

It did not have the demeanor of an expert at all.

Ten seconds.

The charge was completed.

His spiritual power was pushed to the limit.

Thick air currents surged around his body and rose layer by layer, causing the lighter dust on the ground to revolve around him.

It looked like thin strips of dust fluttering in the wind or dragons faintly discernible as they bared their fangs and brandished their claws.

That strange scene caused the masters expression to become grave.

Due to the rules, he could not attack first, so he could only hold the short staff in his hand and set up a few layers of protection.

It also made all the spectators hold their breath and their hearts beat faster.

Even the staff member carrying the top apprentice to the hospital stopped in his tracks.

The top apprentice who had been crying out in pain and weakness temporarily forgot about the pain.

He and the staff member stared blankly at the field.

Twelve seconds.

To be safe, Wang Wen used extreme pain to gather two more seconds of spiritual power.

If he did not release it, it was going to explode.

So he opened his eyes.

There was a ringing in his ears that sounded like a dragons roar.

Everyone present seemed to have lost their hearing for a short time.

All sounds in the world were isolated outside of the eardrums.

There was some nausea and dizziness in his brain.

Those who were close to it experienced a tingling sensation in their brain.

The symptoms dispersed.

The sound gradually recovered, from the light to the heavy.

The vision also slowly stabilized after the dizziness.

Everyone saw Wang Wen in the center, with a fan-shaped gap of about 60 degrees in front of them.

The gap…

The ceiling, walls, and floor of the martial arts practice field, including the person who was originally standing on the floor.

Those had all turned to dust.

Through the hole, one could see the remains of the hill outside.

Initially, the Mage Associations training ground had a small hill.

There were only a few scattered stones left.

That fan-shaped area was like an invisible giant hand rising from the ground.

There was a drone, and it was approaching.

It floated above Wang Wens head.

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